Stop Firefox pop-up appearing while printing badge passes

If you're using Firefox to print badge passes and you receive the message 'Confirm Dialog Preference - Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs', update the browser settings to see if you can resolve the issue.

Firefox has a default setting that can cause a pop-up to appear while you're trying to print badge passes. This is a known issue with Firefox, not MRI OnLocation. You can update your browser settings to stop this message from appearing.


To update the browser settings:

  1. Copy the preference name dom.successive_dialog_time_limit.
  2. In Firefox, type about:config into the browser URL address bar. You may then need to confirm that you want to access these settings. 
  3. Paste the preference name.
  4. Select Number, then enter 0.
  5. Click the add icon.

  6. Click the checkmark to confirm.
  7. Close the about:config page.
  8. Log back into OnLocation and try printing the badge passes again.