Manage your saved visitors

Learn how to create and manage your saved visitor list. Any employee who can access MRI OnLocation can maintain a list of their visitors.

About saved visitors

Managing visitors is made easier with the saved visitor list. It helps you save time when pre-registering returning visitors. You can also add save a visitor to one or more groups.

When you add a visitor manually, you'll also see some pre-registration questions. Any question answered by an employee will be retained in the saved visitor profile.

This article covers:

If you'd like to learn about visitor groups, check the Help Center article

Save a visitor while adding an event

  1. Click My Visitors, then select Pre-Register Visitors.
  2. Click Pre-register a visitor, then select Single visitor. 

  3. Complete the visitor details.
  4. Turn on the Add to saved visitor list switch.
  5. Complete the event details.
  6. Click Save.  

Add saved visitors

There are two ways to add visitors to your list, either manually one at a time, or by importing a CSV file of visitors.

Single visitor

  1. Click My Visitors, then select Saved Visitors.
  2. Click Add visitors, then select Add visitor.

  3. Enter as much information about the visitor as possible.
  4. (Optional) To add the visitor to a group, click Update Selection. Select the relevant group and click Close.
  5. (Optional) If your organization has added a custom questionnaire for visitor pre-registration, you'll also see more questions. You can complete these questions or leave them for the visitor to answer when they complete their profile. 
  6. Click Save

If you'd like to store a document for a visitor, ask the visitor to send you a copy of the file so you can upload it to their profile. Documents that are uploaded by the visitor during sign-in are only accessible when looking at that specific visit event.

Multiple visitors

  1. Click My Visitors, then select Saved Visitors.
  2. Click Add visitors, then select Import visitors.

  3. Click Download the visitor template.

  4. Open the template file in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.
  5. Add your visitors to the spreadsheet. Save the updated spreadsheet in CSV UTF-8 format.

    Follow the example provided at the top of the spreadsheet to format all information correctly. You do not need to enter all fields for every visitor, just Full Name and From are mandatory. Do not remove any headings.

  6. Drag the file into the import file box.

Your saved visitors will be saved in your list. If you encounter an error, your CSV file might not be formatted correctly or might have missing information.

Edit a visitor

From your saved visitor list:

  1. Click Edit next to the visitor.

  2. Make changes to the profile.
  3. Click Save.

Remove a saved visitor

To remove a visitor: 

  1. Click My Visitors, then select Saved Visitors.
  2. Click the More icon next to the visitor's name, then select Remove saved visitor.

To remove multiple visitors:

  1. Select the checkboxes next to the names of the visitors you'd like to remove.
  2. Click Run an action, then select Remove visitor.

Invite a saved visitor to an event

  1. Click My Visitors, then select Saved Visitors.
  2. In the All Visitors tab, click the More icon next to the person.
  3. Select Pre-register.

  4. Complete the event details.
  5. Click Save.

Next step: If you have saved visitors who regularly attend meetings together, create a visitor group to speed up the pre-registration and sign-in process.