Pre-register a visitor

Learn how to pre-register a visitor event for one or more visitors. Any user with access to WhosOnLocation can pre-register visitors.

You can use pre-registering visitors to speed up the sign-in process for your visitors when they arrive on-site. It gives any Sign In/Out Managers visibility of who is expected on-site at any time, and it can increase security by requiring all visitors to be pre-registered.

Create a pre-registered visitor event

  1. Go to My Visitors > Pre-Register Visitors.
  2. In the Visit Event Details tab, select the location for the event.
  3. Use the calendar and time fields to enter the start and expected end time of the pre-registration event.
  4. Set to Yes if you want the same event to occur more than once. This adds the Recurring Event Details tab (see below).
  5. Set to Yes if the visitor is visiting someone.
  6. (Optional) If the visitor has a host, select that person.
  7. (Optional) Add a note for the Sign In/Out Manager about this pre-registration event.
  8. Click Add Visitors.


Recurring Event Details tab

Complete the following fields: 

  1. Choose how often it repeats - daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. If weekly is selected, you can choose which day of the week.
  2. Choose how often the above period is repeated.
  3. Choose when it starts and when it ends.
  4. Click Save & Close


Add visitors

There are a few ways you can add visitors to a pre-registration event. You can manually add each visitor one-by-one, you can select from your frequent visitor list or groups, or you can import a CSV file of visitors.

Manually adding visitors

  1. Click Add a Visitor.

  2. Enter the visitor's details.
  3. The information requested is set up by your organization and may differ based on settings. Only the Full Name and From sections are mandatory when pre-registering a visitor. Any information that has not been entered will be asked when the visitor signs in.
  4. If you want to remember the visitor for future visits, select the Add to my Frequent Visitor List section.
  5. Click Save Visitor.


The visitor is added to the event. You can edit the record by clicking Edit, remove the visitor through the Run an Action menu, or click Save & Close to finish.

Add a frequent visitor or group

  1. Click either Add a Frequent Visitor or Add a Frequent Visitor Group.
  2. Select the visitors or visitor groups you want to add to the event.
  3. Click Add Selected Visitors or Add Selected Visitor Groups.

The visitor(s) is added to the event. You can edit the record(s) by clicking Edit, Remove the visitor(s) through the Run an Action menu, or click Save & Close to finish.

Import a CSV file of visitors

  1. Click Import a Visitor List from a CSV File.
  2. Download the Import Visitor Template and save it to your computer.
  3. Enter visitor details.

    Please follow the example provided at the top of the spreadsheet to format all information correctly. You do not need to enter all fields for every visitor (as long as the Full Name and From fields are entered) but do not remove any headings.

  4. Save the updated spreadsheet to your computer - Please make sure to save this in the CSV UTF-8 format for best results.
  5. Click Select CSV File.
  6. Select the file from your computer and click Open.
  7. Click Import Visitors.

The visitors are added to the event. You can Edit the records by clicking Edit, Remove the visitors through the Run an Action menu, or click Save & Close to finish.

Edit or delete a pre-registered event

To navigate to your pre-registered visitor list:

  • From the home screen, click the highlighted number next to pre-register visitors
  • Go to My Visitors > My Pre-Registered Visitors

Edit an event

  1. Click Edit next to the event you want to edit.
  2. Make the changes you require including adding or removing visitors.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Cancel an event

  1. Select the event using the checkbox on the right of the row.
  2. Select Cancel the Visitor from the Run an Action dropdown menu.
  3. Click Run Action.

Edit a recurring event

When editing or deleting a recurring event, you have the option to change Only this Event or All Events in this Series:

  • Only this Event - Changes one of the events in the series. Useful when a last-minute change needs to be made to one event but the rest of the series continues as per usual.
  • Selecting Only this Event will remove that event from the series. If you make further changes to the event you will no longer have the option to change all events in the series.
  • All Events in this Series - Any changes made will also be made to all events in the series. To delete all events in a series, you can choose this option then click Cancel this Event on the Event Details screen.
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