Introduction: Identity Management

The identity management add-on allows employees and contractors to sign in/out by scanning a barcode, QR code, or RFID card/fob at the sign in/out kiosk. Removing the need to manually touch the kiosk and enter their name. Signing in/out this way saves time, ensures accuracy, is hygienic, and can be configured for a completely contactless sign in/out experience.

How it works

Enabling the identity management add-on gives you the ability to add a token to an employee and/or contractor profile.

Tokens can be any barcode, QR code, or RFID string that is unique to that person which can be scanned at the kiosk. This could range from a company issued ID/access card, driver’s license, or loyalty card.

Once the token has been added to the employee or contractors profile it is their unique identifier. When the token is scanned at the kiosk, it follows four steps:

  1. The token number is entered as a string.
  2. The kiosk searches your WhosOnLocation account for the string in the tokens set up.
  3. It finds the associated profile.
  4. Commences the sign in/out process.

If your kiosk is not set up to ask questions or acknowledge notices, they are signed in/out automatically. If you do have either of these set up they need to be read and acknowledged on the kiosk before sign in/out can be completed.

Identity management features

Identity management has three key features:

  • Token adding and scanning
  • Creating and printing ID cards
  • Print requests

Token adding and scanning

This is the feature set mentioned above where you can add tokens to an employee or contractor's profile, and they can sign in/out on the kiosk by scanning them.

Creating and printing ID cards

Creating and printing ID cards is automatically activated when you enable the add-on and is an optional extra. It allows you to create your own ID cards for employees and contractors, based on the template options, and print them using your own ID card printer.

Print requests

Print requests is an optional feature. It can be turned off when enabling identity management. Print requests allows a location that does not have an ID card printer to send a request to another location that does have a printer to print their ID cards. Print requests are created by the identity manager, received by a location print manager, processed, and sent back to the requesting location, while being manually tracked in WhosOnLocation.

Quick scan

You can set up quick scan on your kiosks to sign in/out even faster.

Quick scan pushes all processing of sign in/out via scanning to background jobs. This means employees and contractors don’t have to wait for the movement to process before proceeding, cutting the sign in/out time from a few seconds to a tenth of a second.

You can set this up in the Questionnaire Manager under the employee and/or contractor options. 

Brivo sync

When using the Brivo integration, you can sync your tokens in WhosOnLocation with your Brivo account as credentials. This gives you seamless functionality across both platforms.

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