Acknowledging Notices

How your Acknowledgement Notices are displayed on different devices.

Your Acknowledgement Notices can be displayed on Sign In or Sign Out and will display on any sign in/out device: Sign In/Out Manager, Sign In/Out Kiosk, and WolMobile.

Every sign in/out experience can be customized for your specific needs and due to this all examples provided in this article are only one possible configuration.

Signing People in as a Sign In/Out Manager

When signing in a visitor using the Sign In/Out Manager, if an Acknowledgement Notice is published, it will display during the sign in process on the Sign In/Out Manager’s screen.


The acknowledgment notice will appear after all information is entered just prior to the person is signing in, before a badge pass can be printed.

The Sign In/Out Manager should read the notice to the person signing in and select a response for them. If further information is required this will then be entered and clicking Submit Response will finish the process.


Signing in Via Kiosk

When a visitor, service provider, or employee sign in using your kiosk, and you have an Acknowledgement Notice published, they will be presented this notice as part of the sign in process.

Once the person has entered all of the information requested upon sign in, before the Welcome Greeting, the notice will appear for them to acknowledge.



Signing in Via WolMobile

When a Service Provider or Employee signs in using WolMobile, and you have an Acknowledgement Notice published, this will automatically be presented as part of the sign in process, just like all other methods.

The user will select Sign In, answer any WolMobile enabled Sign In questions, and then be presented with the Acknowledgement Notice prior to signing in.


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