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Acknowledging Notices

In this article we show you how the Acknowledgement Notices are displayed.

Signing People in as a Sign In/Out Manager
Whenever a Sign In/Out Manager signs a person into the location and there is a Notice to be read out to the person the Notice will display during the sign-in process on the Sign In/Out Manager’s screen.

Let’s look at signing in Matthew Thomas, a service provider, from Acme Limited.
1. We search for Matthew using the People Search tool on the Sign In/Out Manager screen

2. We see one result for Service Providers Not On-Site so we select it.

3. Next we select the green Sign In button beside Matthew’s name.
4. If, AND only if, there is a Notice that Matthew must be presented with and Acknowledged, the Notice will appear on the screen.

5. With the Notice presented on the screen read the Notice out to the person, confirm they accept and understand the Notice and then select either:

  • Acknowledge Notice
  • Do Not Acknowledge

6. If there is a second, third etc... Notice to be acknowledged, the subsequent ones will appear after you select Acknowledge Notice.
7. Once all Notices have been presented the Sign In/Out Manager screen will revert back to its search state showing that the person (Matthew in this case) is signed in.

8. To clear the screen select Clear Search.

Reviewing Acknowledgement Notices
Whenever you search for a person while they are on-site, we display the notice number as either:

  • Green = Acknowledged
  • Red = Not Acknowledged

You can select any of these Notice ID numbers to review what that message was but most importantly if needed to, post sign in, you can change the Not Acknowledged to Acknowledge by simply clicking on the red Notice ID and selecting Acknowledge Notice. The screen will update the next time you select Refresh.


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