Responding to acknowledgment notices

Learn how acknowledgment notices are displayed and acknowledged by those signing in using a kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager, or WolMobile.

Notices can be displayed when using a kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager or WolMobile to sign in. Regardless of the method, the process of receiving and acknowledging a notice is the same:

  1. Notice is displayed.
  2. The user acknowledges or does not acknowledge the message.
  3. If required, a user is asked for more information.
  4. The user submits a response.
  5. Acknowledgment complete.

Acknowledgment notice in Sign In/Out Manager

The acknowledgment notice will show on the Sign In/Out Manager’s screen after completing their sign in/out and before a badge pass can be printed (for sign in only).


The Sign In/Out Manager should read the notice to the person signing in and select a response for them. If further information is required, the Sign In/Out Manager will enter this, and clicking Submit Response will finish the process.


Acknowledgment notice on a sign in/out kiosk

The acknowledgment notice will show on the kiosk after signing in/out and before the welcome greeting (for sign in only).


Acknowledgment notice in WolMobile

The acknowledgment notice will show on the mobile device during the sign-in/out process.