Contact Role Type Settings

In this article we explain the purpose of Contact Roles, and how to customize your Contact Roles list to meet the requirements of your organization.

Accessing Contact Role Type Settings

  1. You must be a Service Provider Administrator to manage Settings
  2. Navigate to Tools > Service Provider Manager
  3. Select Contact Role Types from the directory of options on the left side of the screen. If you cannot see this option it is because you have not been granted Service Provider Administrator rights.


What are Contact Role Types

Your Service Provider Management tools include the ability for you to add not only 'Organizations' (like Joe's Plumbing etc...) but also the people that work for Joe's Plumbing that will come onto site and deliver services - referred to as 'Members'.

Members are in essence contractors, suppliers and other people that deliver services to your organization but members can also be your key contacts at Joe's Plumbing like the their Accounts Payable person, their Vice President Operations, their Account Manager who calls on you etc...

Regardless of whether you include contractors on the tools or other key contacts in your Members list you can assign each person to one or many Contact Role Types.

Contact Roles play an important part in reporting and notifications and whilst not mandatory, are very useful.

All accounts come with our default Categories and Groups list to get you started.

  • You can edit, rename, and delete most default Contact Role Types.
  • You can also create your own Contact Role Types.

The only exceptions that cannot be renamed or removed are:

  • Inductions
  • Insurances
  • Health and Safety
  • Primary


Question: Can a member belong to more than one Contact Role Type?

Answer: Yes. Service Provider members can belong to one or more Contact Role Type.

Editing Contact Role Types

  1. Select the green View button alongside the Contact Role Type you wish to edit
  2. Edit the Contact Role Name and select Save

Adding a New Contact Role Type

  1. Select the Create a New Role button
  2. Enter a Name for the Category
  3. Select Save



  1. Your new Contact Role Type will now be added to your List

Deleting a Contact Role Type

  1. Select the Delete button alongside the Contact Role Type
  2. Select OK
Note: You cannot delete a Contact Role if there is one or more members linked to that Contact Role Type.
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