Updating Service Provider Organization Records

How to edit a Service Provider Organization which has already been added to your account. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role to edit organizations.

Organizations are constantly changing and updating, as is your relationship with them, so you need to be able to edit the records you keep to reflect those changes.

There are two ways of updating Service Provider Organizations, manually one at a time, or in bulk via CSV import. Updating manually lets you edit more areas of the organization’s information, whereas CSV import lets you edit basic information for multiple organizations.

Editing Organizations Manually

1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager

You will land on the Organization List.

2. Click View next to the organization you want to edit


Quick Tip! You can use the Keyword Search to find the organization you want to edit.

3. Make any changes necessary to any of the organization’s information

Please Note: You can use the left-hand menu to skip to the relevant area. Make sure to save the page after each change you make.


4. When all changes are made click either Save & Exit or Back to Organizations List to return to the Organization List


Editing Organizations in Bulk

The information that you can change via CSV import is Type, Name, Trading As, Legal ID, Legal ID Type, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, Country, Status, Organization Owner, and Location Permissions.

1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager

You will land on the Organization List.

2. Click Update Organizations

3. Select Export your Organization List


4. Save the file to your computer

5. Open your file and make any changes

Please Note: For the file to import correctly do not change or remove any column headers. You do not need to enter information for all fields, only Legal Name and Status of Account.

6. Save your file in a CSV UTF-8 file format


7. In WhosOnLocation, return to the Update Organizations pop-up box

8. Click Update your Organization List from a CSV File

9. Click Select CSV File

10. Select the file from your computer and click Open

11. Click Update Organizations


You will receive an on-screen notification confirming that your organizations’ details have been updated.

Exporting Organizations

If you want to export a list of your organizations to edit or for reporting purposes you can do so from the Organization list. You can export all organizations or only those matching the filters that are currently applied.

1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager

You will land on the Organization List.

2. Click Export Organizations

3. Select either Export All or Export based on Current Filters

If you choose Export based on Current Filters, the CSV file that is exported will contain only those organizations matching the filters that are currently applied to the organization list.

4. Save the file to your computer


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