Add contractor members by CSV import

Add new contractor members by importing a CSV file. You must have the Contractor Manager user role assigned to access this feature.

How to import new members

Before you start, enable the Contractor Manager add-on. You'll also need the Contractor Manager user role. If either is missing, Contractor Manager will not appear in your Tools menu.

Use the CSV file import if you have multiple contractor members you want to add. OnLocation provides a template that you can complete.

If you need to record information not included in the default member fields, add custom fields in Contractor Manager. Once you’ve added your fields, download the member import template, it will contain both the default and custom fields.

This article covers:

  1. Download the CSV import template for members
  2. Add your members
  3. Import the file into OnLocation
  4. Troubleshoot your CSV import

Step 1: Download the CSV template

The CSV template is a unique template used for importing members only. This is not used for importing contractor organizations.

To download the template: 

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Add Members.

  4. Click Download the Import Template.

  5. The file will download to your computer. Open the file and start adding your members. 

Step 2: Prepare your CSV file

Enter your member information 

You can import the below information for members. The only default information that is required is the Name and Status of the member, but the more information you add, the better your records will be. You can leave these fields blank for any information you do not have. If you have added mandatory custom fields, you'll also need to complete this information in the template. 

Ensure you include location permissions if you want the contractors to sign in or out of a location. 

Default fields include: 

  • Full Name – The member’s full name. You must provide a first and last name.
  • Job Title – The member’s job title.
  • Contractor ID – An ID number for the member. This can be used to sign in as an alternative to their name.
  • Primary Email – The member’s primary email address. This will be used for automatic messaging to the member from OnLocation, including expiry notifications.
  • Alternate Email – If the member has a secondary email address, it can be entered here and used for contact from OnLocation, including sending induction courses.
  • Phone – The member’s direct dial phone number.
  • Mobile – The member’s mobile number. The number will default to the account country code if no country code is entered. If entering a country code, use the format Code space Number, e.g., 1 55258456 or 61 40025845. The mobile number will be used for automatic text messages from OnLocation, including during a OnEvac event.
  • Extension – If the member has a direct extension, enter this here.
  • ICE – The emergency contact number of the member.
  • Valid From and Valid To – The date the member can sign in from and to. These dates are optional; the member will always be considered valid if they are blank.
  • Status - The status of the member in OnLocation. This is a fixed value with choices coming from OnLocation. You can choose between Pending, Active, Inactive, On-Hold, and Banned.
  • Organization Name – The name of the organization the member belongs to. This must be an organization that is already set up in OnLocation. If the member belongs to more than one organization, you can assign the additional organizations from OnLocation but not in this initial import.
  • Contact Role Type 1 & 2 – You can enter a member’s contact role types here and add additional columns if required. Contact role types must be already set up in OnLocation.
  • Location Permission same as Organization - Set to Yes or No only. If yes, the location permission for the member will default to the same as the organization they are a member of.
  • Location Permissions 1 & 2 – If the member requires different location permissions from the organization they are assigned, you can list them here and add more columns if necessary.


  • Certification Name – The name of the certification the member has achieved. This must be set up in Certifications Manager in OnLocation before importing.
  • Certification Completed – The date the member achieved the certification.
  • Certification Expiry – The date the member’s certification expires if required.
  • Certification Number – The reference number of the certification.

If you need to enter multiple certifications, you can create new columns with the same headers after the original certification. Each certification must have columns for name, completed, expiry, and number, even if you are not entering all the information. You do not need to number these.


  • Induction Course 1 – The name of an induction course set up in OnLocation in the Induction Management section that the member has passed.
  • Induction Course Completed 1 – The date the induction course was completed.

If you need to enter multiple inductions, you can create new columns with the same headers after the initial induction. Each induction must have columns for name and completed date and must be numbered.


  • Token Type 1 – The name of the type of token assigned to the member
  • Token Number 1 – The token number assigned to the member
  • Token Issues 1 – The issuance date of the token
  • Token Expires 1 – The expiry date of the token.

If you need to enter multiple tokens, you can create new columns with the same headers after the original token. Each token must have columns for type, number, issues, and expiration and must be numbered.

Import tips

  • Spell Check - Check your data is entered correctly. 
  • Complete Records - Add as much information in the initial setup as possible. You can always add more information later, but it will save you time if you do this at the start.
  • Remove Double-Ups - You may have multiple versions of the same organization.
  • File Type - Save your file using the CSV UTF-8 file type. This will automatically fix any inconsistent characters and extra spaces.

Step 3: Import your CSV file

Once your CSV file has been prepared, add the members to your OnLocation account:

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Add Members.
  4. Select Import List from a CSV File.
  5. Click Select CSV File, select the saved file from your computer and click Open.
  6. Click Upload CSV File.

  7. Check that the headers in your file match the fields in OnLocation, then click Submit for Validation.

  8. Click Confirm & Submit, then click Close.

Your members will import automatically, and you will be notified how many were imported.

Troubleshoot your CSV import

If you receive an error of any type, check these troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure you remove all double-ups in your file. If you have two organizations with the same name, these will not import.
  • Any fields that need to match settings in OnLocation exactly, e.g., Type, Country, etc., must be spelled correctly and match the matching setting exactly.
  • Check that the file type is CSV, not XLS or XLSX, or another file type, and preferably use the CSV UTF-8 file type.
Next step: If you need to change any information in the member profiles, you can update or delete a member at any time.