Granting Asset Manager User Role Rights

In this article we show you how to grant a user Asset Manager User Role rights. The act of granting user roles rights can only be done by an Administrator user role.

Granting User Role Rights

1. Navigate to Tools > User Roles.  

2. Search for the employee you wish to assign the Asset Manager role to.

3. Select the green Manage Roles button beside their name.

4. Select the respective Asset Manager role:

  • Global Asset Managers can create Asset Groups, Types, add assets, and issue assets into and out of all locations across the account.
  • Manager Asset Managers can create Asset Groups, Types, add assets, and issue assets into and out of the locations they are assigned to.
  • Issuer Asset Issuers can issue assets out and receipt them back in; but only for the assets linked to the locations they are assigned.

5. Select Assign Roles.

The Role will now appear in the users assign roles list. The next time they log in to WhosOnLocation they will be able to access the Asset Manager functions based on Role level you granted them.

How does the User sign in to WhosOnLocation to start managing Asset Managers?

It is easy to determine if the user that you granted Asset Manager User Role rights to has logged into WhosOnLocation before.

Beside their name is their ‘Login Permission’

….and it will either be:

  • New: Employee has not yet been sent activation email
  • Incomplete: Employee is missing email address and cannot be sent activation email
  • Pending: Employee has been sent an activation email but has not yet logged in
  • Active: Employee has activated their account and has successfully logged in

If the user’s Login Permission is ‘New’

  • Select the tick-box beside their name
  • Scroll to Footer of screen
  • Select the ‘Send Login Permission Email’ from the dropdown list
  • Select the blue Run Action button
  • This will send the user an email asking them to create a password and activate their account login

If the user’s Login Permission is ‘Incomplete’

  • Go to Tools > Locations > View (the location they are based at)
  • Select Employees option on left of screen then find their name in the employee list
  • Select the green View Button beside their name
  • Add their email address and select Save and Close

Then return to Tools > User Roles and follow the above steps for ‘New’ above.

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