Certifications report

Use the certifications report to view current and expired certifications, and verify certifications if you have permission. You need the Certifications Manager user role to access this report.

About the report

Use the certifications reporting to keep track of employee or contractor member certifications, and verify certifications.

The report contains the following columns:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Date expires
  • Name of certification
  • Documents
  • Certification number
  • Type
  • Verification - You'll only see this column if you have permission to verify the certifications. These settings are found in the Certification Details tab in each certification.

You can refine the results by filtering by:

  • Status - Active or Inactive
  • Category - Internal or External
  • Type - Certification type
  • Audience - Any, Employee, or Contractor
  • Contact Role Type - Role types that are used to group or categorize people in an organization
  • Contractor organization - Name of the organization that the contractor member is linked to
  • Certification Name - Names of any certifications that have been added
  • Certified - Any, All, Certified, Not Certified
  • Verified - Any, All, Verified, Not Verified
  • Expires Between & And - Select a date range
  • Keyword search - Enter a keyword to search across all the fields

Run the report

  1. Go to Reporting > Certifications Reports.
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the results.
  3. If you see a warning icon, click the icon to see what's outstanding. It will either be incomplete as it's missing documentation or has not been verified.
  4. Check the person's certification record, then select Verified to verify it.
  5. Click Export Report to export as a PDF or CSV file.