Assign the OnPass Manager user role

Learn how to assign the OnPass Manager user role to an employee. You must have the Administrator user role to assign this role.

About the role

The OnPass Manager can:

  • Activate OnPass for all or a selection of your organization's locations
  • Manage the email template settings for all locations
  • View the OnPass logs for each location
  • Send test OnPass emails

You only need the OnPass Manager role if you need access to these areas. Alternatively, Administrators can manage the OnPass email template for their own location. You don't need this role to send an OnPass to a visitor.

Assign the role

To assign the role:

  1. Go to Tools > User Roles.
  2. Use keyword search to find the user you want to assign OnPass Manager rights to.
  3. Click Manage Roles next to their name. You will now see the roles that can be assigned to this user.
  4. Select the checkbox next to OnPass Manager.
  5. Select either global or limited access:

    Global – the user can create and enable an OnPass for any location in the account

    Limited – the user can only create and enable an OnPass for the location(s) you nominate here
  6. Click Assign Roles.

Next step: The next time this employee logs in, they will be able to access OnPass Management from their home screen.