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How to Grant Employee Access

In this article we explain how grant employee access. Only an Employee with an Administrator User Role can grant others Employees access to your account.
  1. Select Tools > Locations
  2. Select the blue link which indicates the number of employees in the location. You are now looking at the employee list for this location
  3. To grant access select the tick box on the right of the employees name
  4. Scroll to the footer of the screen
  5. Select Send Login Permission Email from the run action pick list
  6. Select the blue Run Action button

The employee will receive an email advising them to activate their login. On doing so they will create their own password.

When they login they will be taken to the home screen of the account where they can access any of the features available to them under their profile and assigned user roles.

Want to give a colleague user role access to your WhosOnLocation? Such as a Receptionist or managing the Admin settings in your WhosOnLocation account? We cover this off in User Roles.

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