Introduction: Triggers

Triggers are a versatile tool for automated actions based on sign in/out activity in MRI OnLocation.

How triggers work

Triggers can send notifications, display messages, deny entry to a site, and sign people in/out, all strengthening on-site security and health and safety.

Each trigger is attached to a specific event, e.g. a visitor signing in, contractor sign out. Rules can narrow the event further, e.g. after a specified time, if an insurance policy has expired.

You can set up as many triggers, events, rules, and actions as you require.

Each trigger has three parts:

Trigger details – name, status, and the event that triggers it

Trigger details include the trigger's name, the status (whether it is active or not), and the trigger event. The trigger event occurs in OnLocation to activate the trigger, these are usually Sign In/Out events for different people types.

The trigger event determines which rules can be selected to make the trigger apply to a more specific scenario.

Trigger rules – conditions for firing the trigger

The trigger rules narrow the trigger event to specific scenarios only. Rather than every time the event occurs, a trigger will only activate when the specific rule is met. Rules can be set up to either:

  • Match all rules applied.
  • Match any of the rules applied.

You do not need to set any rules for a trigger to work. If you do not set up any rules, the trigger will activate based solely on the trigger event.

Trigger actions – what the action is

Trigger actions are what happens when the trigger is activated. These can be sending an email, text, or pop-up message to the person signing in, denying access to the person attempting to sign in, or signing people in/out.

You can set up multiple actions for the same trigger, customize messages displayed, and send users placeholders for information based on the trigger event. Placeholders add information e.g. name, organization, contact details, and where someone is signing in.


Get started using triggers

Set up a watchlist

Watchlists allow you to send alerts when specific visitors sign in or out.