Getting started with printing and badge passes

Connect a printer to your kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager's computer to print badge passes for guests or employees. 

Badge passes

Badge passes are labels you can print when a guest or employee arrives on-site. You can set up customized templates for each type of person, each displaying specific types of information. The size of the labels will depend on your printer.

Learn more about setting up a badge pass template.


There is a range of supported WIFI and Bluetooth printers that you can use to print badge passes. 

To get your printer setup, you'll need to:

  • Install the printer
  • Update the printer preferences to match your labels

Find out more about installing your printer and linking it to your kiosk

Kiosk print sharing

If your location has multiple sign in/out kiosks, you can set up print sharing so that each kiosk prints badge passes from a shared printer. 

To enable print sharing, set this up in the Printing tab of your kiosk settings.