Sign In/Out Kiosk Layout

How to configure the layout and branding on your Sign In/Out Kiosk. User role required:  Administrator.

Your brand is the first thing people see when they enter your location. To assist with this, we provide a range of customizable options when setting up your Kiosk so your branding is always front and center.

You can upload images for your background, your company logo, and/or customize the colors and wording displayed.


Please Note: If you are using an Inter-zone Kiosk, you will have slightly different branding options.


Theme - The color scheme for your kiosk background and buttons. Light Theme has a black background and blue buttons. Dark Theme has a black background and red buttons.

Layout - Standard or touchless. Standard layout includes the Sign In and Sign Out buttons on-screen, Touchless removes these and replaces with a QR code.

Show QR Code for Touchless Sign In - Enable to present a QR code on-screen that a person can scan with their smartphone camera to sign in on their own device. This is enabled automatically with a touchless layout, and can be enabled to display alongside a standard layout.

Touchless Sign In Instructions - Appears if QR code is enabled. Instructions displayed above the QR code on your kiosk for people to follow when signing in.


Branding Settings

Organization Name – Will display in the middle of the upper half of your Kiosk unless you have a Logo uploaded. If you do not want an organization name or logo to display, simply leave this field blank.

Organization Name Color – The color of the organization name, if enabled.


Button and Text Colors – You can customize the colors of the individual buttons and the button text on the Kiosk.


Person Type Names – The names will display for each of the person type options. You can customize these to suit your region, company wording, and/or use.


Please Note: If you are using an Inter-zone Kiosk, you will have these options for a Switch Zone button only.

Information/Instruction – Is the wording that displays below the sign in/out buttons. If you do not want any wording to display, leave this field blank. Wording can only be plain text.

Information/Instruction Color – The color of the information that is displayed.

Information/Instruction Scroll – Enable this to have the wording scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Information/Instruction Add Banner – Enable this to have a darkened see-through banner appear across the sign in/out buttons and wording.


Upload Images

You can upload a single logo and as many background images as you like to your Kiosk. If you upload more than one background images, each will be displayed for 30 seconds before moving to the next image.

Upload a Logo to Display

This will display in the middle upper-half of your Kiosk screen within the pre-determined guidelines.

Please Note: A logo must be in the JPG, GIF, or PNG file format and must be a minimum of 200 x 100 pixels in size.

To Upload a logo, click Select File, select an image from your computer, and click Open.


To Change a logo, click Change, select a different image from your computer, and click Open.


To Remove a logo, you must first Save and Close your Kiosk set up. Then re-enter the Kiosk, select the Branding tab, and click Remove next to the Upload a Logo to Display section.

Upload Background Images

Your background image(s) will display across the whole Kiosk home screen. The best size of image to use will depends entirely on the size screen you are using. We suggest testing the size of your image on the actual Kiosk device to ensure it is optimal.

Please Note: A background images must be in the JPG, GIF, or PNG file format and must be a minimum of 200 x 200 pixels in size.

To Upload a background image, click Select File, select an image from your computer, and click Open. Repeat this to add multiple background images.


To Remove a background image, right-click the image and select Delete Image.


Preview Kiosk

To preview your Kiosk home screen on your computer, click Preview Kiosk. This is a preview of the Home Screen only and you cannot go through the sign in process.


Please Note: Previews may differ depending on your monitor size and browser. To get the most accurate view, simply sign into your Kiosk on your Kiosk Device.


When you are finished setting up your kiosk branding, click Save and Close.

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