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Global Roaming

Global Roaming is a setting which gives an employee access to multiple locations. When applied, a visitor is able to select the global roaming employee, at any location they have access to, as their host.

Global Roaming can be limited to certain locations, or open to all locations, and it can be toggled on and off by an administrator.

Global Roaming for Users


When an employee has been given global roamer status, they are able to sign in to more than one location, and host visitors at any location they have access to.


Visitors can choose any employee that has access to the location they are signing into as their host. This means that they can visit an employee with global roamer status outside of their home location.

Service Providers

If the "Visiting Someone" option is active for Service Providers signing into your location, a Service Provider will be able to select any employee that has access to the location including Global Roamers.
Service Providers can also be given access to multiple locations through the organizations tab in their member profile under Location Permissions.


To enable global roaming for an employee you need to be an administrator with access to that employee's home location. An administrator can also be a Global Administrator by activating this through User Roles

How To Turn on Global Roaming?

Only administrators or the account owner can enable Global Roaming for an employee in a location they administer.

From the WhosOnLocation home page:

1. Navigate to Tools > Locations

2. Enter the home location of the employee by clicking View

3. Select Employees from the left side of your screen

4. Use the Keyword Search to find the employee

5. Enter the employee's profile by clicking View

6. Select Employee Settings from the left side of your screen

7. For Global Roaming, click Yes

8. For Global Roaming Locations, click Update Selection

9. Select the locations you want to grant the employee access to

10. Click Close

11. Click Save

The employee will now be able to sign into all locations that have been enabled for their account.

To turn off Global Roaming, simply repeat the steps, change Global Roaming to No, and save. The employee will have Global Roaming status until it is turned off by an administrator.

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