Paxton Net2 integration overview

Learn more about the Paxton Net2 overview. You'll need administrator access to Paxton Net2 and either the Account Owner or IT Support user role in OnLocation.

This article covers:

Before you start

Paxton Net2 overview

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left.
  3. In the Enabled Integrations tab, select Manage Settings for Paxton Net2.
  4. Click on Manage under your installation.


Net2 status settings

Net2 status includes:

  • Connection status - This shows your connection status with Paxton.
  • Locations - This is where you can configure the settings of your installation. Click on the locations or configure button to access the settings.
  • Sync now - Syncs between Paxton and OnLocation depending on the sync wizard's configuration.
  • Configure - The configuration area of your installation. You can update your Net2 username and password, and URL, change the installation name, and include or exclude locations.


Doors settings

Doors includes:

  • Doors - The number of assigned doors to access points in OnLocation.
  • Assign Doors - Shows currently assigned access points and an option to add access points.


Users settings

Users includes:

  • Users - This shows the Net2 users matched to OnLocation employees.
  • Sync Wizard - Provides settings to export, import and match employees.
  • Match Users - The system will display the results of the matches and indicate if any manual steps are required to assist with the sync process.



Settings includes:

  • Settings - You can configure when to allow access for someone signing in via an access point connected to a Paxton controlled door.

  • Employees - Choose if employees can open doors.

  • Allow global roamers - Choose if global roaming employees can open doors.

  • Visitors - Choose how the installation will open doors for visitors:

    • Do not open which means visitors cannot automatically open a door.

    • Pre-registered visitors only

    • All visitors

  • Contractors - Choose if contractors can open doors.
  • Notifications - Choose if notifications are to be sent to users in the event of an error with the net2 configuration.


Sync Wizard settings

Sync wizard includes:

  • Export Settings - Allows you to link your employee records, you can export employees from OnLocation to Net2. This allows you to set a default access level based on their home location. You can then customize and assign access levels individually within Net2.

  • Import Settings - When Net2 users are imported into OnLocation, they automatically get assigned a Home Location. You can set the default location and create custom rules based on the department.

  • Match Users - The system will display the results of the matches and indicate if any manual steps are required to assist with the sync process.

  • Matches occur:

    • If there is a matching email with Paxton and OnLocation,

    • if an email address cannot be found, the system looks for a full name,

    • If none of the items are available a new user/employee will be created.


If you need to make changes to your name, email, or contact numbers, it's important to update them in both the Paxton and OnLocation systems as these changes are not synced, so it's necessary to make the updates separately. Additionally, if you need to make changes to your access rights or permissions, those should be done specifically in the Paxton system.

Logs settings

Logs includes:

  • Logs - Provides a view of the API's latest activity and shows the most recent actions.

  • View Columns - Choose which columns you want to see by using the view columns feature. It allows you to filter and select the specific columns that are most relevant to you.

  • Saved Views - You can save the current view and display the default system view.