Manage visit requests

Learn how to manage visit requests. Only Sign in/Out Managers and Visit Request Authorizers can edit visit requests.

How it works

Visit requests allow visitors to book a time to come on-site. They fill out a form with their name, email, who they're visiting, where they work, and their preferred date and time. The unique URL or clickable button can be shared via email or on your website. Once submitted, the host and Visit Request Authorizers are notified to approve, deny, or suggest a different time. Approved requests create a pre-registration event with visitor information. The visitor experience depends on the enabled features.

There are a range of visitor pre-registration features available on OnLocation. Your visitors' experience will depend on the features that your organization has enabled.

Manage a visit request

After a visit request form has been completed an email will be sent to the host informing them of the potential appointment. The host can approve, deny or ask for an alternative time and date.

  1. Go to My Visitors > Visit Requests.
  2. Click the More icon next to the event you want to change, then select Edit.
  3. Make the changes you require.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the status of the request to either ApproveDecline or Request another time.
  • Approve - Enter a message to send to the recipient of the notification.
  • Decline - Enter a message to send to the recipient of the notification and an option to enter an internal note that will not be visible to the visitor.
  • Request another time - Enter the start and end date and time.

After selecting one of the options an email notification will be sent to the requester to keep them informed about the status of their request. If the host has suggested an alternative time, the requester will have the option to either accept the new time or request another date and time.

Next step: Once a visitor is pre-registered, you can edit a visitor event.