Introduction: Community management

Community is an add-on that offers a versatile solution for organizing groups whose community name uniquely describes them distinctly from employees, contractors, visitors, or other communities in the account. Only the Account Owner can enable an add-on.

Communities explained 

Communities consist of distinct groups like residents or volunteers. These groups, managed by Community Managers, include individuals with shared characteristics or affiliations, such as residents in aged-care facilities or volunteers serving your organization. Community members may belong to multiple communities, fostering tailored experiences within the organization.

Community management features

Community management features are designed to streamline the organization of distinct groups, ensuring compliance and efficiency. As per policies or regulations, administrators can effortlessly:

  • Maintain detailed records of community members and their attributes.

  • Keep a record of community members, capturing unique identifiers and profiles.

  • Facilitate seamless onboarding, ensuring community members are aware of site-specific protocols.

  • Ensure that when they arrive on-site, they are aware of any hazards.

  • Ensure an accurate record is kept of when these community members arrive and depart from your site/s.

OnLocation simplifies these management tasks, offering user-friendly tools to maintain accurate community records, oversee the presence of community members, and generate reports on community activity, both in real-time and historically.

Start managing your communities