Set up OnScan

Learn how to enable OnScan and configure the ID verification options. You need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to enable the integration, and either the Account Owner or Administrator user role to configure it.

How it works

OnScan is an iPhone app for ID scanning so you can scan, capture, and record a visitor’s photo ID.

To use OnScan, you need to:

  1. Enable the integration
  2. Configure the options

When enabling the integration at a location, you have the choice to Enable Only or Enable & Activate:

  • Enable Only – Makes the integration available at the location but will not activate it automatically, you will then need to go to Sign In/Out Questions to activate it and configure the options.
  • Enable & Activate – Activates the integration at the selected location and automatically enables default settings. This means that you can begin using OnScan immediately.

We recommend reviewing these settings after activating the integration to ensure they are correct for your organization.

Once enabled, you have a 14-day free trial of OnScan. Each location can trial up to five devices during the trial period, after the trial, each device incurs a license fee. OnScan is included in a custom plan. 

Enable the integration

To enable the integration:

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click OnScan.

  4. Click Enable, then click Confirm on the pop-up.

  5. Enable OnScan at either a single location or in multiple locations:

    For a single location – click Disabled next to a location, then click Enable Only or Enable & Activate on the pop-up.

    For multiple locations – select the checkbox next to multiple locations, click Run an Action, then select Change Status to. Select Enable or Enable & Activate, then click Run Action.

  6. Click Edit next in the Device Licences column to set the number of devices allowed to be connected at each location.
  7. Enter the number of device licenses, then click Save

When OnScan is first enabled, the button next to your locations will change to orange. This shows you have enabled your trial of OnScan

Configure the ID verification options

OnScan options are configured from Sign In/Out Questions. To configure the OnScan options, you must be the Account Owner or have the Administrator user role.

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Questions.
  3. Select the Identity Verification sub-tab. 
  4. Check the ID Verification method. OnScan uses the Scan and Capture option which will be automatically enabled.
  5. Select the ID Verification Frequency. This defines how often a returning visitor’s ID needs to be scanned and captured. This field defaults to every visit.

    If using the After ID Expires option, this will need to be one of the data fields captured. 
  6. Select the ID Verification Retention Policy. This field enables you to set how long a copy of the visitor’s scanned ID is kept before being automatically deleted. It automatically defaults to 90 days.

    The retention policy needs to be longer than the ID Verification Frequency to retain the information for a returning visitor. If the ID is deleted before the visitor returns, their ID will need to be scanned and captured again. 
  7. Select the Capture Data Fields. This details what information from the visitor’s ID to capture. It defaults to all options. Not all information will be available on all types of ID. If required, any information missing can be entered manually after the scan. 
  8. Select the Capture ID Image Parts. This dictates which parts of the ID to retain as an image in OnLocation. It defaults to all options.  All parts of the ID will be scanned, and information can be captured from any area, however, you may not want to store a photo of all information in OnLocation. 
  9. Enter the Identify Verification Screen Heading and Instruction. There is a default heading and message but you can customize the instructions that appear on the kiosk.
  10. Click Save.


If you are using kiosk rules without location defaults, you will need to enable the Scan and Capture option in your kiosk rules.

Next step: Once you've set up the integration and configured your settings, your Sign In/Out Managers can start using the OnScan app