Sign employees in or out using Sign In/Out Manager

Learn how to sign employees in or out using the Sign In/Out Manager. You need the Sign In/Out Manager user role to access this feature.

Access Sign In/Out Manager

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Click Sign Out.
  3. Select the location and access point.

Sign in

There are two possible statuses that you can set when signing in employees: on-site and working remotely.

  • On-site employees are employees that are physically in the location.
  • Employees working remotely are away from the physical location but signed in because they are working, e.g. working from home or in the field.
The working remotely status needs to be enabled at the location before it is available.

On-site employees

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Select the Employees tab. You will be presented with a list of employees that have access to this location, currently on and off-site.
  3. Click Sign In next to an employee’s name.


Employees working remotely

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Select the Employees tab.
  3. Click Sign In next to the employee, then select Working Remotely.


The current location of the employee will be set to Working Remotely.

Signing in scheduled employees

If the Employee Scheduling add-on is enabled, there are a series of tabs that show when employees are scheduled to come on-site:

  • All – The full employee list for this location, includes employees who have not scheduled that they'll be on-site.
  • Due Now – Employees due within an hour.
  • Due Today – Employees due on-site today.
  • Due Tomorrow – Employees due on-site tomorrow.
  • This Week – All employees scheduled this calendar week.
  • Next Week – Employees scheduled for the next calendar week.
  • This Month – All employees scheduled this calendar month .

Click View Columns, then select Scheduled for to see the schedule details. If you're also using the Desks and Spaces add-on, select Space to view their workspace booking. 

You'll need to select any workspace bookings while signing them in. 

Signing in by scanning

To scan employees in, you need to have an external scanner connected to the Sign In/Out Manager's computer and the employee needs to have an active token in their profile.

When scanning in an employee, you will see a summary of their details and status on-screen. This will show whether they can sign in, if access to this location has not been granted, or their induction has expired (from the option in the course settings, not triggers).

Triggers that deny access will not show in the popup, but they will still deny access when the person is signed in.

Access granted

  1. Scan the employee’s token.
  2. Click Sign In or if they are working remotely, click on the dropdown and select Working Remotely.

If any further information is required, the popup will be replaced with a screen to enter these details and complete the sign in process.

If their access is then denied due to a trigger setup, the trigger will activate, and further details will be displayed.

Access denied

  1. Scan the employee’s token. The authorization status will be Access Denied, and the reason listed below.
  2. Click Log Access Attempt.

This will notify anyone set up to be informed about a denied employee trying to sign in and a log will be made in the reporting.

Sign out

You can sign employees out manually, by scanning, or in bulk using the Sign In/Out Manager.


  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Click the Sign Out button.
  3. Select the Employees tab.
  4. Click Sign Out next to an employee.

  5. If an employee has an active workspace, you'll be asked if they'd like to keep their booking while they're signed out. 

Sign out by scanning

  1. Scan the employee’s token. This will display a popup with a summary of their information.
  2. Click Sign Out.

In bulk by Run Action

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Click the Sign Out button.
  3. Select the Employees tab.
  4. Select the employees using the checkboxes on the right.
  5. Click the Run Action menu, then select Sign Out.
  6. Click Run Action.