Update the Brivo user sync settings

Learn how to configure the user sync settings between Brivo and MRI OnLocation. You need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to access these settings.

If you need to change the user sync settings you configured during the wizard, or if you skipped this step and now want to set them up, you can do so from this section.

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Brivo integration.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Select Settings from the left-hand menu.
  6. Select a tab:

    The Database tab sets up who you want to sync and from which master database. The master database determines which system will push information to the other. The sync settings available depend on which master database is selected.

    The Sync Timing & Rules tab sets up your automatic daily sync and, if you are syncing tokens from a OnLocation master database, whether the tokens should be reversed during syncing.
  7. After you've added your settings, click Save

Once fully configured the first sync will import any missing users from one account into the other based on the master database. How long this takes will depend on the number of records you are syncing.

Database tab


OnLocation master database

When OnLocation is selected as the master database people in OnLocation will either be matched to existing Brivo users or added as new Brivo users. Any tokens with the type of Brivo Card will be added as cards against their profile.

There are three options for syncing; All, Selected, or Off.

Sync employees

Choose your employee sync settings: 

  • All – All employees from all locations matched with Brivo sites will be synced. Select which Brivo groups to add your employees to.
  • Selected – Choose the locations you want to sync employees with Brivo from and select which Brivo groups to add your employees to.
  • Off – No employees will be synced. Choose this option if you are only syncing contractors or not ready to sync employees.

Sync contractors

Choose your contractor sync settings: 

  • All – Sync all contractors in your account with Brivo. Select which Brivo groups to add your contractors to including the contractors' group.
  • Selected – Contractors with the Brivo Sync role type assigned will be synced with Brivo. This will be automatically generated in the system and can be applied after you complete the wizard. Select which Brivo groups to add your contractors to, including the contractors' group.
  • Off – No contractors will be synced. Choose this option if you are only syncing employees or not ready to sync contractors.

Brivo master database

When Brivo is selected as the master database users in Brivo will either be matched with existing OnLocation people or will add new people. To add users as contractors in OnLocation, ensure they are in a group called contractors in Brivo.

There are two options for syncing; Selected and Off.

Sync employees

  • Selected – Choose the groups in Brivo that you want to sync and select the location new employees should be added to by default.
  • Off – No employees will be synced.

Sync contractors

Contractors in Brivo need to be added to a group called contractors before syncing. This will allow OnLocation to identify them as contractors and import/match them to contractor profiles:

  • Selected – Choose the groups in Brivo, including the contractor's group, that you want to sync. The location permissions are added by the organization in OnLocation.
  • Off – No contractors will be synced.

Sync Timing & Rules tab


Sync schedule

Set the time for a daily sync between systems to occur. We recommend running this outside of work hours in order to avoid changes to either system while it is being actively used.

Once set, users will be synced automatically between the two systems at the chosen time, including importing any missing users.

Reverse tokens

Some RFID Card readers will return your RFID Card Serial Number (CSN) in the Least Significant Byte (LSB) order. Brivo requires this number to be in the Most Significant Byte (MSB) order, so this option adjusts the number during sending.

For example, a CSN of a1b2c3d4 in OnLocation will be changed to d4c3b2a1 in Brivo.

Set this to Yes if the RFID reader connected to your OnLocation account enters number in LSB order.