Introduction: Webhooks

Webhooks provide a simple way for your cloud-based applications to share information, sending data to a third-party application in real-time. They also allow for a quick and easy way to record your sign in/out data in another application instantly.

Webhooks and MRI OnLocation

Using Webhooks and OnLocation to send data is triggered automatically by an event occurring in OnLocation, e.g. a visitor signing in. The third-party application processes this data and perform a task, e.g. sending a message to the person, opening a door of an access control system, or updating clock in/out times.

Using webhooks relies on your third-party applications providing a webhook URL to send data to for the application to use. To find out if your application can take incoming webhooks visit their help center or send an inquiry to their support team.

Any data associated with a sign in event can be sent using webhooks. This is data about the person signing in/out, where they signed in/out, how they signed in/out, and what they are doing on-site. Anything that can be found in the People Presence report can be sent using webhooks.

Webhooks vs API

API polling allows a third party to request information from OnLocation but needs to be told to do so in some way, e.g. scheduled sync or by pushing a button in the application. Webhooks allows OnLocation to push data to your applications automatically when events are triggered in OnLocation, e.g. a visitor signing in.

The Webhooks integration can only be used to send information. Our API can be used to update or manage data within your OnLocation account.

Third-party application examples

What you can do with webhooks depends on the third-party application you're using. Some examples include:

  • send arrival and departure notifications (e.g. Slack)
  • opening doors or gates (e.g. an access control systems)
  • recording sign in/out information for payroll (e.g. time and attendance applications)
  • send additional information to a guest (e.g. Wi-Fi password, health & safety information)

Use the integration

To use the integration you'll need the following: