Introduction: Alcolizer

Alcolizer provides alcohol and drug testing solutions that integrate with your MRI OnLocation sign in/out kiosk. 

How it works

Alcolizer provides alcohol and drug testing solutions that integrate seamlessly with OnLocation. The benefit of integrating your breathalyzer with OnLocation is you can keep your workplace alcohol-free by requiring visitors, contractors, and staff to pass a breath test during the sign-in process. A failed result denies access with a notification sent alerting the relevant people.

You can connect your Alcolizer unit to your kiosk, either during or after setup. Choose the type of person you want to test and create custom instructions to direct them on how to use your Alcolizer unit.

Once enabled, set up triggers to check the test result and perform actions based on this, including denying access, popping up a message, and/or sending notifications. Depending on the model of breathalyzer, you can check if they have any alcohol at all or if they are over/under a certain level.

Alcolizer hardware

The integration supports both models of the Alcolizer wall-mounted breathalyzers, the Wall Mount 4, and the Centurion.

  • The Wall Mount 4 provides accurate test results, including a specific level of breath alcohol.
  • The Centurion provides a yes or no result on whether alcohol is present on the breath.

Check the Alcholizer website for more information on both units.

Hardware connections

How you connect your kiosk to the Alcolizer unit depends on the type of kiosk you are using.

From a Windows kiosk, we support connecting via RS232 serial port by utilizing a 3rd party application "QZ Tray" to provide the communication between OnLocation and the serial port device.

From an iPad kiosk, we support connecting Alcolizer units directly through the network.

Kiosk workflow

Once your Alcolizer unit is connected to OnLocation, the integration enabled and set up in your account. Your guests can now be breath tested during the sign in process.

The breath test is the last step in your basic questions and will be prompted before any custom questionnaires.

This is the workflow of a typical sign in/out kiosk integrated with Alcholizer. Note: your experience will differ based on your kiosk set up and the questions you are asking.

  1. A person approaches your kiosk and taps Sign In.
  2. Selects their person type.
  3. Enters their name.
  4. Answers all basic questions, e.g. Organization, cell phone number, duration on-site purpose of visit.
  5. Reaches the Alcolizer Breath Test page with your instructions.
  6. Taps Ready for Breath Test.
  7. Breathes into the Alcolizer unit. The kiosk will show a waiting screen until a result is received. Once received, the kiosk will automatically continue the sign in process.
  8. Either access is denied at this point, and the trigger will activate, or the person answers any custom questions and completes their sign in.

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