Lock down a kiosk

Learn how to lock the screen of your kiosk so that employees and guests can only access the MRI OnLocation application.

Why you should lock down your kiosk

Access rights and password protection govern access to data within OnLocation. However, to further secure your organization’s information, we recommend limiting your visitor’s access to any other applications accessible at the kiosk.

By taking the following steps, you’ll be able to lock the kiosk to the OnLocation application only, so your visitors and employees can’t open any other applications. This is a crucial step to prevent visitors from using tools to copy data or install remote access malware.

Lock the kiosk

This depends on the type of hardware you are using. Select your type of kiosk below to view how to lock it down:

OnLocation Kiosk on iPad

You'll need to set up Guided Access to lock down your iPad kiosk. This is an iPad setting that restricts the iPad to a single app. 

You need to install OnLocation Kiosk on your iPad before you start. 

Step 1: Set up Guided Access on your iPad

  1. On your iPad, open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Accessibility > Guided Access.
  3. Switch on Guided Access.
  4. Tap Passcode Settings.
  5. Tap Set Guided Access Passcode.
  6. Enter a passcode.
  7. Go back to Guided Access, then switch Accessibility Shortcut on.
  8. Switch Display-Auto Lock to on.
  9. Return to the home screen.

Step 2: Activate Guided Access

  1. Open the OnLocation Kiosk application and log in as usual.
  2. Tap the home button three times.

Step 3: End the Guided Access session

  1. Tap the home button three times.
  2. Enter your Guided Access passcode.
  3. Tap End.

You’ll need to set Guided Access up on each device if you have multiple kiosks at your location.

Windows kiosk

As kiosks using the Windows operating system are run across a range of devices and browsers, there are several methods for locking the screen. 

Third-party software

Several customers have successfully locked down their kiosks using KioWare, a third-party software provider. KioWare’s ‘lockdown’ products allow you to restrict access, so users can only visit the applications and websites you select. If you try this option, please ensure you’re using Windows 10.

Find further details about their software here: https://www.kioware.com/


Another option is restricting which apps can run on a kiosk using Applocker. It’s worth noting this is a complex process requiring technical knowledge and experience, so you may need assistance from your organization’s IT team. You’ll also need an Enterprise or Education edition of Windows 10 to access Applocker.

Further details can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-hardware/customize/enterprise/enterprise-custom-portal