Run an evacuation event in OnEvac

To run an evacuation event, you need to be a OnEvac Manager and have the web app on your mobile phone. We recommend testing your evacuation using OnEvac at least once a quarter to ensure you are familiar with the procedures.

In the event of an emergency, use the following steps to run your evacuation using OnEvac: 

  1. Open OnEvac on your phone. You should have the app saved on your home screen.
  2. Select the location where the evacuation event is happening.

  3. Select the zones affected by the evacuation event (generally this will be all zones, but you can also run a partial evacuation where you can evacuate selected zones only).
  4. Tap Create Event at the bottom of the screen.


    All OnEvac users will be sent a text message with a link to join the evacuation event. This will allow them to verify people as they evacuate.
  5. Verify everyone safe.
  6. Close the event.

You will be able to track how the evacuation is going including the percentage of people verified safe.

Each Warden will be able to clear the zones they are accountable for and they will be able to verify the zone is cleared once completed.

The Safety or Fire Warden will be able to manually verify those people who are standing with them, to do this you will need to perform a roll call.

Verifying people manually

To manually verify the safety of people:

  1. Tap a person type.

  2. Swipe left on a name, then tap Verify.


They will be moved from the 'Not Verified' list to the 'Verified' list.

To find people, you can either scroll through the lists or search their name at the top of the list.

If a visitor or contractor has marked “requiring assistance” when signing in they will appear under the group Assistance Required in your evacuation list.

Verify people by phone

You can call any person directly from the OnEvac app. As long as the employee or contractor has their mobile number included in their OnLocation profile, or the visitor has provided their mobile number, the OnEvac app will have their phone number listed.

To call someone: 

  1. Tap a person type, or search for a name.
  2. Swipe left on a person's name if they have a phone icon.
  3. Tap the phone icon.


Verifying people via SMS

All visitors, contractors, and employees with a mobile number recorded in OnLocation can be self-verified via SMS. To run self-verification:

  1. Tap SMS Verify on the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Choose from the list who you would like to receive the SMS message. Tap next to All to ask everyone to self-verify. 
  3. Tap Send.


All recipients who receive the SMS are asked to verify their safety. If they are safe they will need to reply to the message with the word SAFE and will automatically be moved to the verified list in OnEvac. If you use multi-language, you can send and receive SMS in your default language.

Anyone who received the SMS and is not “safe” can reply with what assistance is needed i.e., stuck in a lift, stuck under a desk, or in a stairwell. 

Those who reply that they are not safe are treated as an exception, and their message will appear on all Safety Wardens summary screen in Notices

Anyone who does not have their phone with them or has it turned off will need to be verified manually.

Communicate with other wardens

Click the Notices icon to open a chat box with fellow wardens. You can read their messages, send them messages, or call them if they have a number in MRI OnLocation.

Messages from self-verification recipients that are not safe will appear in this chat box as well.

Use the chatbox to confirm when someone is safe, e.g., "Can someone confirm Tom is out of the lift" and tap Send.

All information is logged and able to be reported on after the event.

Leave the event

When everyone onsite is accounted for and the event has ended you can leave the event:

  1. Click Leave Event on the bottom menu bar. 
  2. Tap Leave Event on the pop-up. You will leave the event but it will stay open until closed by a manager.
  3. If you are a OnEvac Manager, you can close the event by tapping leave event in the bottom menu bar, then tapping Close Event.

  4. A screen will appear with the details of the last five evacuation events including the event you have just run. Click Choose a Location to return to the app home screen.
Next step: Once your evacuation event has finished, run a OnEvac report.