Set up WolMobile auto sign-in/out settings

Learn how to set up automatic sign-in/out for your WolMobile users. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.

This article covers:

How auto sign in/out works

WolMobile can automatically sign your employees and contractors in/out of a location using their smartphone’s geolocation. To use this feature, you’ll need to enable the auto sign in/out option below and then create your geofence for the location. We also give you a non-auto sign in/out option called Prompt Only.

All your employees and/or contractors need to do is to download the WolMobile app from the App Store (Apple phone users) or Google Play Store (Android phone users) and allow location permissions. Then, when entering and exiting the workplace, their presence will be automatically recorded.


  1. Enabled – When the user is detected entering or leaving the location, they will be signed in/out automatically and sent a push notification confirming their presence status.
  2. Prompt Only – When the user is detected entering or leaving the location, the person will be sent a push notification prompting them to sign in/out. They can tap on the notification to perform either sign in or out.
  3. Disabled – The user will not be automatically signed in/out. With this option if you still require users to sign in/out using their WolMobile they can do so using the manual sign in/out function - but this relies on their ability to remember to do so. A simple sign on each entrance reminding them to do so my suffice.

The auto sign in/out settings you enable here are the default settings for all WolMobile users but users can change the default option for their own smartphones to a lower level, but not a higher level. To clarify; they can change auto sign in/out enabled down to Prompt or Disabled but if you set the default to Prompt they can not change it to Automatic on their smartphones. 

A geofence is required for both Enabled and Prompt Only.

Enable auto sign in/out

Before you get started, ensure your location address is correct in the location details using the Google Address Verifier. This will be used to tell your users how far away from a location they are and to automatically set a geofence, if required. Click here for details on how to do this.

To access auto sign in/out settings:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select WolMobile.

  3. Select the Auto Sign-In/Out tab.
  4. To enable auto sign in/out, set the status to Yes.
  5. Enable the sign in option you wish to make available to your employees and/or contractors. For each person type, select Enabled, Prompt Only, or Disabled.
  6. Enable the sign out option you wish to make available to your employees and/or contractors. For each person type, select Enabled, Prompt Only, or Disabled.

  7. Configure a geofence (see below).
  8. Click Save.

Set up a geofence

About geofences

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. By creating a geofence around a location this tells WolMobile where that location is so that when users enter and exit the location, they are automatically signed in/out, or prompted to do so.

To automatically sign users in/out of your location, you will need to configure a geofence.

A geofence in WhosOnLocation is always a circle as this minimizes the battery power required on a user’s smartphone. The use of polygons (geofences with straight line segments) increases the drain on power for the user’s smartphone.

Everything inside the circle is considered on-site and users will be signed in when they cross the geofence boundary. They will then be signed out when they cross back outside of the geofence. Because a geofence may need to be set outside of the actual location, you can use beacons to delay the automatic sign in until the user is actually on-site. For more information see the section on beacons below.

A geofence has a minimum radius of 100m (110yd) due to the limitations of the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Create your geofence

  1. Enter the address of the location.
  2. Match the address to the Google Address search result.
  3. WhosOnLocation will create a circular geofence around your location’s address with a radius of 100m (110yd).
  4. Drag the center of the circle to move the geofence and drag the edge to adjust the diameter.
  5. Make sure the entire location is captured within the geofence. 
  6. Click Save.


Set up a Bluetooth beacon

About beacons 

Bluetooth beacons can be used to increase the accuracy of your automatic sign in by only signing users in once they connect to a beacon inside of your geofence.

Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that can connect to your smartphone automatically when in range. They come in a variety of strengths and configuration options so it’s important to ensure you get the right beacons for your location(s).

When beacons are set up in your WhosOnLocation account, automatic sign in is based on connecting to the beacons rather than solely on the geofence.

How WolMobile signs in using beacons depends on the smartphone’s protocols:

  • iPhone - When the smartphone is within range of the beacon it will connect and sign in. This may take approximately 20 seconds.
  • Android - When the smartphone enters the geofence, it opens a ‘foreground’ service to continuously scan for beacons until connected. Users will see a notification on their smartphone to indicate the foreground service, if they dismiss this or remove access for this, the smartphone will only be able to scan for beacons once approximately every 15 minutes.

When the smartphone connects to a beacon, the user is signed in according to your settings.

When the smartphone disconnects from a beacon, WolMobile checks if they are still inside the geofence. If they are, WolMobile will track them until they either connect to a beacon set up in your account or leave the geofence. If they leave the geofence, they are signed out according to your settings.

Technical requirements

To use beacons, a WolMobile user’s smartphone must have features or permissions enabled depending on the smartphone:

  • iPhone – Bluetooth does not need to be enabled but the WolMobile app must have location permissions enabled. This should be enabled during the original app setup.
    • iOS 12 and under - requires permission to be ‘Always Allow’.
    • iOS 13 and up - requires basic permission.
  • Android – Bluetooth must be enabled and WolMobile requires location services permission to use the geofence and start scanning for beacons.

Beacons can only transmit a signal through line of sight. Some stronger signal beacons may be able to transmit through solid walls and glass however. We recommend asking your beacon manufacturer for specifics around your beacons’ strength.

When setting up your beacons, you need to consider your physical setup:

  • If you have an office with a lot of walls, you may want a stronger beacon or multiple beacons within a short radius.
  • If you have a large open reception, you may want a beacon with a large radius to ensure the entire area is covered.
  • If you have an entry point where users may need to stop for a minute before entering your location, like a guardhouse, then a single beacon at that point may be able to connect for all users coming on-site.

You can purchase beacons from various suppliers around the world. The only requirement for using beacons is they must be able to be set to iBeacon protocol.

Set up a beacon

There are two stages to setting up beacons for your locations:

  1. Configure the beacon.
  2. Add the beacon to your settings.

How you configure the beacon depends on the beacon manufacturer. You can order a fully configured beacon, request the manufacturer configure the beacon for you, or use a manufacturer supplied app to configure the beacon.

If your beacon has been configured for you or comes pre-configured, you can use a generic app to scan for beacons and record the required details.

Beacons must be set to iBeacon protocol. This will provide you with a UUID, Major, and Minor numbers. Record these to set up your beacon in the next stage.

If your beacon is not set to iBeacon protocol, you will not be able to set this up for use with WolMobile.

From the Automatic Sign In/Out tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, then:

  1. Click Create a New Beacon.

  2. Give the beacon a name. This is to identify it within your location.
  3. Enter the UUID, Major, and Minor numbers.
  4. Set Enabled to Yes.
  5. Click Save.


Beacon scanning will automatically be used by all WolMobile users for signing in according to your settings.

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