Contractor sign in or out using OnLocation Mobile

This article explains how to sign in/out of a location as a contractor using OnLocation Mobile.

Your OnLocation Mobile sign in method is set by your administrator:

  • If automatic sign in/out is set up, you won’t need to do anything.
  • If automatic sign in/out is not enabled, you will need to sign in/out manually and answer any sign in questions set.

How you sign in will depend on the complexity of your account, for example:

  • If you are a contractor working across multiple companies at the same location, signing in may require an extra step.
  • If you work for multiple organizations, companies, and locations, you will need to go through more steps to sign in.

Every organization using OnLocation Mobile may have a different workflow so some scenarios won’t apply to all contractors. If you’re unsure of what your workflow should be, contact the location's OnLocation Administrator.

Simple sign in workflow

From the Home screen of OnLocation Mobile:

  1. Select the location to sign in to or tap Sign In. If you have multiple locations available, they will appear on your Home list as favorites first and then the locations which are closest to your current location.

  2. Tap the Sign In button.

  3. Answer any questions set up. See below for possible questions. If your location has no questions set up, you will be immediately signed in with no extra steps.

You will be signed into the location and the color of the top bar will change from white to blue to indicate that you are signed in.

The Sign In page displays the following key information:

  • Your location tracking status.
    • If manual following is available, tap Follow me to enable and Stop to disable.
    • If automatic following is enabled, this will only show that it is on.
  • Answers to key questions.
    • Tap Edit next to a question to change the response while signed in.
  • Acknowledgment notices, if any have been answered.
    • Tap View to read the notice and your response.


Changing location

If you need to change the location you are signed into:

  1. Tap the Sign Out button.
  2. Select the location name in the top bar. This will also show you the currently selected location on a map.

  3. Select the current location.

  4. Select the location you want to sign into

  5. Tap Confirm. You will immediately go through the sign in process.

Multiple companies

If you are a contractor who works for multiple companies at the same location, you will need to select the company you are working for before you sign in.

When you tap Sign In or select a location, you will first go to the confirmation page.

  1. Select the company you are working for.
  2. Select the location you are signing into.
  3. Tap Confirm.

You will then go through that location’s sign in process. The company you are signed in with will appear in the top bar.

Multiple accounts

If you have multiple accounts added to your OnLocation Mobile app, i.e. you work across multiple organizations using OnLocation Mobile, you will need to select the organization you are signing into before you can sign in. This is relevant for both automatic and manual sign in.

  1. Tap the profile or menu icon in the top-left.

  2. Select Manage Account.

  3. Select your profile in the organization you’re signing into.

  4. Go back so you’re on the Home page. Your selected organization will be shown on the home screen. You can now sign in as normal.

If you want to change organizations you don’t need to sign out, but you should if you are no longer working for that organization. Automatic sign out will also not work when you have a different organization selected.

If you work for multiple organizations and are heading to a location with automatic sign in enabled, ensure you have the correct organization selected before leaving so that you can be automatically signed in when you arrive.

Sign in questions

If a question is required, you will be forced to answer before you can proceed. If not, there will be a Skip button in the top-right corner of the question page.

You may receive only a selection of these or none at all. Questions are enabled by the OnLocation Administrator of each location.

Area/zone selection

Select the area or zone you are working in today.


Long lists of zones may be split into groups by Administrators of this location. You will be able to change this after signing in if it changes.

You may have the ability to enter a custom zone rather than select an option. If so, enter this in the text field and select Confirm.

Evacuation assistance

Select whether or not you need assistance to evacuate the location if an emergency occurred.


Duration on-site

Select how long you expect to be working. This may be used to send you or others an alert when your time on-site is coming to an end.


Working alone

Select whether or not you are working alone during this visit.


Safety operator

Select the person monitoring your safety while on-site from a list of people set up for the location.


Document upload and certification details

If the organization you're working for requires you to provide a document or details of a certification, upload a file or take a picture of the document. 


Acknowledgment notices

You may also be asked to respond to an acknowledgment notice during sign in. This cannot be skipped and you must select one of the responses followed by any additional information requested.


Sign in using the OnLocation Mobile QR code

Each OnLocation Mobile user has a unique QR code in the app. The code can be used as a token for signing in and out.

To use the QR code: 

  1. Open the app, then enter your PIN.
  2. Tap the account icon.

  3. Tap the QR code in the account settings.

  4. Scan the code at the sign in/out kiosk.