AWS data hosting

WhosOnLocation uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our customer’s data in several regions around the world.


There are several key reasons why we have chosen to use AWS for data hosting:

  • Security – Protecting your data and security is always of the highest priority. AWS and the tools we use to manage our infrastructure give us improved control, visibility, and auditing of changes made within the infrastructure. 
  • Scalability – AWS provides great flexibility in how we monitor and scale our application and infrastructure to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. 
  • Flexibility – Public cloud providers such as AWS offer a range of technical capabilities which we can use to improve our capabilities, both in terms of delivering new features to our customers, as well as keeping the application running smoothly.
  • Availability – AWS gives us the tools to deliver consistently high availability to all users around the world.
  • Infrastructure Certification – AWS is certified under the ASD Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL) for unclassified data and aligns with the compliance requirements of ISO-27001 in its infrastructure. This means that our hosting infrastructure meets global industry standards necessary for clients who operate in highly regulated industries.

Click here to read the full WhosOnLocation security statement.

Date hosting locations

Your data will typically be hosted in the closest region to you based on the country you select when first registering for an account.

Account country


Primary server location

New Zealand


Asia Pacific





European Countries



United Kingdom


South Africa

United Kingdom


United States of America

United States

North Virginia

Most other countries will have their data hosted in the United States. If you’re not sure where your data is/will be hosted, get in touch with our team at for clarification.


We also keep several backups of all customer data; these are kept for 12 months from the date of backup.

All backups will be in the same region as the primary data center.

Key AWS links

  • AWS holds many certifications including ISO, SOC, and CSA. Click here for a full list of certifications.
  • AWS continually tests its infrastructure. For more information, click here.
  • AWS Sydney provides the closest region to New Zealand and is widely used by New Zealand government and companies. For more information, click here.