COVID-19 contact tracing

Use MRI OnLocation to help deliver your organization's COVID-19 contact tracing solution.

About employee contact tracing

If an employee informs you that they tested positive for COVID-19, use OnLocation to quickly determine which team members were on-site in the days before their diagnosis.

If you use departments in your employee profiles, use report filters and views to refine your search to identify other employees on-site during the same period who were from the same department as the diagnosed employee.

This article maps out how to: 

  1. Run a report to confirm which days the employee was in the office for the ten days before the diagnosis
  2. Apply a filter to identify any colleagues from their department who were also on-site during this same period
  3. Run a report to see if the employee hosted any visitors during this period.

Step 1: Identify the days the employee was on-site

You need the Reports Manager user role to access this report.

  1. Go to Reporting > People Presence.
  2. Make sure you have the employee's location listed at the top of the report.
  3. Select Employees.
  4. Select Custom date range:

    Date From: Enter the date from (in our example we enter 12 April).

    Date To: Enter the date to.
  5. Filter by Search Query: Enter the employee's name.
  6. Select the View Report button (this presents your report as a list).

Step 2: Identify team members that were on-site

Using the same report:

  1. Remove the employee's name from the Filter by Search Query filter box but keep all of the same other report attributes (Source, Period, etc).
  2. Click Add a Custom Filter.
  3. From the Filter Option list, select Department.
  4. From the Filter Value list, select the department the employee is linked to.
  5. Click Save Filter.
  6. Click Refresh Data.

You can now see the employees that were on-site the same days as the infected employee.

You can remove the department filter to view a list of all employees on-site during the specified period.

Identify who was in the same area during the same period

Setting up location zones means that you can monitor who is in what area of the building and when.

Using the report above:

  1. Click View Columns, then select Zone.
  2. Click anywhere on the screen outside of the View Columns pop-up window.

Your report will now include the Zone column.

To view others with the same zone:

  1. Remove the employee as a filter.
  2. Click Add a Custom Filter.
  3. Set the filter option to Zone.
  4. Select a zone the employee was in.
  5. Click Save Filter.
  6. Export your report and repeat for any further zones they entered.
  7. Change the data source to other people types and use the same filters.

You will export a report of everyone who was in the same zones as the employee on the same days.

Add other data points to your report

Using the same report above:

  1. Click View Columns. A pop-up window will appear displaying those data points available to you should you wish to include them in your report.
  2. Select the data point you wish to see.
  3. Click anywhere on the screen outside of the View Columns pop-up window.

Your report will now include the selected column.

Export your report

Using the same report above:

  1. Click Export.
  2. Select either CSV or PDF file.

Note the PDF export will be limited to the first eight columns that appear on the screen whereas the CSV file will include all possible data.

Step 3: Identify visitors hosted by an employee

Use a custom filter to identify any visitors that visited an employee. We recommend you capture the visitor's email address as part of your sign-in workflow so that you can contact them if needed.

  1. Go to Reporting > People Presence.
  2. Select the employee's location.
  3. Data Source: Select Visitors.
  4. Data Period: Select Custom Date Range.

    Date From: enter the date from (in our example we enter 12 April).

    Date To: enter the date to (in our example we enter 27 April).
  5. Click Add a Custom Filter.
  6. From the Filter Option list select Visiting.
  7. From the Filter Value list select the name of the employee.
  8. Click Save Filter.
  9. Click Refresh Data.
  10. Click View Report.

You are now presented with a list of visitors that were hosted by the employee. You can follow the same steps as above to show additional data points, e.g. email, mobile, and export your report.

If your employee has visited other locations in your account, you can run reports on these locations or all locations. Click the location at the top of the report, select the other location or All Locations. If reporting on all locations, we recommend adding the Location column to your report.