Touchless kiosk setup tips

This article covers tips for improving your touchless kiosk’s security and efficiency.

The touchless kiosk, displayed on a user’s smartphone, uses all the same settings as a standard kiosk, giving you the same level of customization. There are several setup options you may want to use to improve the sign in experience and increase security.  


Returning visitor search

The returning visitor search allows visitors who return frequently to your location to match their name with an existing record and auto-fill their details. You may want to disable this in the kiosk mode settings to prevent visitor data from being automatically generated on user’s phones to avoid privacy breaches.

Look for the Kiosk Returning Visitor Search field in the Mode tab. 

Learn how to configure these settings.

Visitor sign out option

When signing out using the kiosk QR code. We recommend requiring guests to enter their full name.

By requiring a guest’s full name rather than just their first or surname you add a greater level of security to your kiosk QR code sign out process. Removing the ability for the guest signing out to search and view another guest with the same first or last name, possibly causing a privacy breach.

Look for the Visitor Sign Out Options field in the Mode tab.

Learn how to configure these settings.

Employee privacy setting

The employee privacy setting allows you to determine how much of an employee’s (host) name is entered before a match can be made. If you want to ensure guests only see the name of who they are visiting, you can enforce that visitors are required to enter the full name of their host. This will avoid your guest seeing all your employees on the list with the same first or last name.

Click here for details on configuring this setting.

Trigger rules

If you have sign in/out triggers that unlock doors or send webhooks to third-party systems. We highly recommend reviewing any triggers relating to security, including unlocking doors, to ensure they are appropriate for use with touchless sign in/out. If they aren't you can add a rule to exclude this sign in/out mode.

Click here for how to edit your triggers.


Add a poster with instruction

To help people use your kiosk easily, you may want to consider adding a "how to use" poster next to your kiosk. We've made a poster for  your guest to follow. Download it here: Touchless poster

WolPass instructions

If you pre-registered visitors, send them a WolPass and have additional questions at sign in we highly recommend:

  • removing the QR code from your WolPass, and
  • adding an instruction advising visitors to scan the QR code on the kiosk on arrival

This will ensure the sign in/out experience remains touchless.

Click here for details on customizing your WolPass.

Welcome greeting

We recommend setting up a custom touchless welcome greeting on your kiosk. This is shown at the end of the sign in process. You will want this message to be short to ensure the user can see the acknowledge button without having to scroll.

Click here for details on editing your welcome greeting.

Badge pass printing

Touchless kiosks will still print badge passes as a user signs in if enabled. If you do not want badges printed for users to avoid any touching involved with this, you will need to disable the badge pass templates from the kiosk printing settings.

Click here for details on configuring these settings.

Employee and contractor ID

To make signing in faster for employees and contractors, you can add an ID number to their profile. Instead of entering their name to sign in, they can enter the ID number to quickly identify themselves. This is added in their employee or member profile and can be added manually or via CSV import.

Click here for how to add to employees.

Click here for how to add to contractors.