Set up sign in notifications for a location

Configure notifications to send when visitors or contractors sign in to your location. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.

About notifications

Using sign in notifications, employees can receive a notification when their guests arrive on-site. You can also set up notifications when a guest arrives and does not have a host. This gives increased security for your site by ensuring someone is notified every time someone signs in.

View the types of notifications employees can choose to receive. 

Host selected notifications

Select the type of notifications you want your employees to receive when they are hosting a guest. Once a type of notification is active, choose to enable this automatically for all new employees added to the system.

Set up email or mobile notifications, or both. When a location is created, email notifications are enabled automatically by default. Mobile notifications can be sent via text or push notification using OnLocation Mobile. If an employee uses the app, they will always receive a push notification instead of a text, saving you SMS credits.

To set up notifications: 

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the dropdown list.
  2. Select Sign In Notifications.
  3. Select Yes next to email notifications.
  4. Select Yes to enable notifications for employees automatically.
  5. Select Yes to activate mobile notifications.
  6. Select Yes to enable mobile notifications for employees automatically.
  7. Click Save.


If you activate a type of notification after employees have already been added, you will need to enable this manually or via run action for your existing staff.

No host selected notifications

Select who will be notified when a guest signs in and doesn’t select a host. This is because the host selection is disabled or not mandatory. You can set up different recipients for visitors and contractors signing in. If no recipient is set up, no notification will send. To set up recipients:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the dropdown list.
  2. Select Sign In Notifications.
  3. Select the tab for the person type signing in: Visitors or Contractors.
  4. Select employees from the dropdown.
  5. (Optional) Add a non-employee’s email and/or mobile number.
  6. Click Save.

Next step: If you'd also like to set up sign out notifications, set up a trigger to send an email or SMS when a guest signs out.