Introduction: Custom fields

Use custom fields to record employee or contractor information that is specific to your organization. Only the Account Owner can set up custom fields as an add-on.

How custom fields work

Employees and contractor organizations and members have profiles that are linked to each of your locations. There are a series of default fields that are used to populate each profile. You can also add custom fields to record information that is not covered by the default fields.

You’ll need to enable custom fields as an add-on in your account before you can start using them in your employee profiles or in Contractor Manager.

Once you’ve enabled the custom fields add-on, you can:

  • Add custom fields for employees and/or contractor organizations and members. 
  • Give each field a name or description.
  • Drag and drop the fields to reorder them.
  • Choose which fields should be hidden. 
  • Make fields mandatory or unique. 
  • Add new tabs so fields can be grouped together.


Custom fields and tabs display in your employee or contractor profiles as soon as you’ve saved your changes. 

If there are specific fields that only need to show for employees in some locations, you can customize this in your location settings. You can also change your Contractor Portal permissions so portal users can only view or edit particular fields. 

Custom field types

These are the custom fields that you can add to your employee and contractor profiles. Some fields can be marked as mandatory or set to include unique information. 

Field type Set as mandatory Set as unique Conditions
Short text Yes Yes Under 255 characters
Long text Yes No  
Email Yes No  
Number Yes Yes  
Single or multiple options Yes No  
Person: single or multiple No No  
Phone Yes No  
Date: single or range Yes No  
Time: single or range Yes No  
Address Yes No Can show address in Google maps
Checkbox Yes No  
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