Use the WolMobile kiosk sign in/out widget

The WolMobile kiosk sign in/out iOS widget displays a unique QR code on the user's phone. Scan the code on a kiosk to sign in or out. 

The kiosk sign in/out widget is a QR code that is displayed on your phone's home screen. It is available on iPhones running on iOS14 and comes in three sizes. The QR code is unique to each WolMobile user. 

The kiosk sign in/out widget is a useful option for organizations that use WolMobile but have not allowed their employees or contractors to sign in/out using the app.

If your organization has allowed sign in/out, use the add the sign in/out widget instead.   

Add the widget to your home screen

  1. From the home screen, touch and hold an empty area until the apps move.
  2. Tap the Add icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select the WolMobile kiosk sign in/out widget, choose one of the three widget sizes, then tap Add Widget.

The widget will now show on your home screen. Use it the next time you need to sign in/out using a kiosk.

QR code widget on the home screen

Sign in/out with the widget

  1. Tap Sign In or Sign Out on the kiosk. 
  2. Hold the QR code on your phone up to the kiosk camera. 
  3. Complete any additional sign in/out questions. 

Remove the widget

  1. Touch and hold the WolMobile kiosk sign in/out widget.
  2. Tap Remove Widget.
  3. Tap Remove again to confirm.