Switch from Internet Explorer to a supported browser

MRI OnLocation no longer supports Internet Explorer. Learn how to switch to a supported browser to ensure your kiosk and badge pass printing continue to work seamlessly.

Why we’re making the change

As Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer, OnLocation no longer supports it. To ensure your OnLocation experience is not impacted, please switch to a supported browser:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari – excludes badge pass printing support

Once you’ve switched browsers, you will no longer need to use the advanced printing plugin. This was only required for printing with Internet Explorer.

You may need to ask your IT team to make these changes.

Set up OnLocation in a new browser

To get set up with a new browser, repeat the following steps on each of your computers or kiosks:

  1. Install a supported browser on your computer or kiosk. This may not be required if a supported browser is already installed.
  2. Open the new browser, then log in to your kiosk or into OnLocation.
  3. Set up the browser to print badge passes. You may like to also configure silent printing and kiosk mode at the same time.