Add a certification to a contractor profile

Learn how to add certifications and upload documents to contractor member profiles. You need the Contractor Manager role to update add a certification to a profile.

How it works

When you add a certification to a person’s profile you can record:

  • When the certification was achieved. Record this in the Valid From field.
  • When the certification expires or requires renewal. Record this in the Valid To field.

The certification must have been added to your account before you can assign it to a contractor. 

Add a certification to a contractor's profile

To add a certification to a contractor member’s profile:

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Select Members from the menu on the left.
  3. Search for the contractor, then click View next to their name.

  4. Select Certifications from the menu on the left.
  5. Click Add Certification.

  6. Select the certification type, then choose the certification.
  7. (Optional) Add the certification number.
  8. Enter a Valid From and Valid To date. These dates are not mandatory, however, Certification Expiry Reports will not include this person’s certifications if dates are not applied.
  9. Select Save & Next.


  10. (Optional) Click Select File, then select a file from your computer. Once a document is uploaded you can rename it, remove it, and view and download it.
  11. Click Save & Close.


The certification is now added to the contractor's profile.

You can view the certification to update it, view logs for any changes to the certification record, and remove the certification.

Next step: Users with the Certifications Manager role can access certification reporting to identify who has a specific certification, and who has a certification expiring in a defined period.