Assign the Global Questions Manager user role

Employees with the Global Questions Manager role manage custom questionnaires across your locations. You need the Administrator user role to assign a role to another employee.

About the role

Employees with this role can:

  • Access Global Sign In/Out Questions
  • View all global and location custom questionnaires
  • Create, edit, and remove/archive any custom questionnaire
  • Activate custom questionnaires at any location or location group

Assign the role

  1. Go to Tools > User Roles.
  2. Search for the employee, then click Manage Roles next to their name.
  3. Select the Global Questions Manager checkbox.
  4. Click Assign Roles.

The role will now appear next to the employee’s name in the Assign User Roles list. The next time they log in, they will have access to Global Sign In/Out Questions.