Fix badge pass printing with touchless kiosks or QR posters

If you're experiencing issues printing badge passes from a touchless kiosk or QR poster, reset your kiosk printing settings to resolve the issue.

Badge pass printing should work automatically, regardless of whether you are using a standard or touchless kiosk. If you're experiencing issues printing, try disabling and re-enabling badge pass printing on your kiosk to resolve the issue.

If you're using QR code posters, reset the printing settings on the kiosk that is used for printing.

To reset your kiosk printing settings: 

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of your kiosk.
  2. Tap Kiosk Settings.
  3. Enter your PIN, then tap Continue.
  4. Select No next to Print Badge Passes?.
  5. Tap Return to Kiosk.

  6. Tap Kiosk Settings.
  7. Enter your PIN, then tap Continue.
  8. Select Yes next to Print Badge Passes?.
  9. Tap Return to Kiosk.