Access the scheduling reports

Use the scheduling reports to view employee bookings. You need the Reports Manager user role to access this report.

About the report

When an employee uses OnLocation Mobile to schedule when they'll be working on-site, their booking is recorded in the Scheduling Reports. 

The following fields are included in the reports. Use the View Columns link to view all of them in the report:

  • Submitted - lists when the booking was created
  • Name - the employee's name
  • Location - the location that the employee will be working from
  • Duration - if the booking is for a full or partial day
  • Scheduled for - Time the booking starts
  • Scheduled until - Time the booking ends
  • Working remotely - If the employee is scheduled to work off-site 

If the Desks and Spaces add-on is enabled:

  • Space - the workspace name and number that has been selected for the booking
  • Zone - The zone where the space is located

Run the report

To run the report:

  1. Go to Reporting > Scheduling Reports.

  2. Update the report filters to refine the results:

    Location – To see bookings for a specific location or all locations.

    Report Period – To view bookings for a specific time.

    Search Query – To search the employee name field.
  3. (Optional) Click Export Report as CSV to save a copy.