Introducing MRI OnLocation

MRI Software acquired WhosOnLocation in early 2021. From May 4, 2022, the WhosOnLocation product will now be known as MRI OnLocation.

What's changed?

New feature names

To align with our new branding, some feature names have changed:

  • WolMobile > OnLocation Mobile
  • WolKiosk > OnLocation Kiosk
  • WolPass > OnPass
  • WolEvac > OnEvac
  • WolScan > OnScan
  • WolGuard > OnSentry
  • Wol eLearning courses > eLearning courses


Our website has been integrated with MRI Software but contains the same resources.

OnLocation app changes

The web application includes new default colors, fonts, and logo. Your organization name no longer shows in the header.

What's stayed the same?


The URLs and domain remain the same for now:

Email addresses

All email addresses are unchanged for now. You can still use: