Set up a trigger for employee certifications

Set up a trigger to monitor when employees try to sign in with a certification is hasn't been verified or is expired. You need the Administrator and Triggers Manager user roles to set up a trigger.

How it works

Triggers are used to automate actions based on sign in/out activity in MRI OnLocation. There are many different triggers available, including sending notifications, displaying messages on a kiosk, denying access based on answers to custom questions, and more. Your account must have the triggers add-on enabled to set up a trigger.

To set up a certification trigger, you need to configure the following details: 

  1. Choose the event – select when you'd like to activate the trigger.
  2. Set up the rule – choose what will activate the trigger, eg a certification is expiring, hasn't been verified, or has already expired. 
  3. Choose the action – select what happens when the trigger fires, eg who in your organization needs to be notified and what the contents of the message should be. You can set up multiple actions. 

There are four certification trigger rules available:

  • Certification has expired
  • Certification is expiring
  • Certification is valid
  • Certification not verified

Example: Deny access when a certification has not been verified

To set up a trigger: 

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Triggers.
  3. Click Create a New Trigger.

Trigger Details tab

  1. Enter the trigger name.
  2. Select Active next to the Trigger Status.
  3. Under Trigger Event, select Employee Sign In.
  4. Click Next.


Trigger Rules tab

  1. Next to Must match all of the following rules, click Create a New Rule.
  2. Select the Employee - Certification not verified rule.
  3. Select is the following as the rule condition.
  4. Select the relevant certification.
  5. Click Next.


Trigger Actions tab

  1. Click Create a New Action.
  2. Select Popup a message as the action.
  3. Select the pop-up message style.
  4. Enter the pop-up title. 
  5. Enter the pop-up message.
  6. Click Save & Close.


When an employee signs in with an unverified certification, they'll see the following pop-up on the kiosk.