Set up a trigger to get notified when a OnEvac event is created

Set up a trigger to send a notification when someone creates a OnEvac event. You need the Triggers Manager user role to set up a trigger.

How it works

When an event is created in OnEvac, all OnEvac users are sent a text message with a link to join the evacuation event. Using triggers, you also have the option of creating an email notification so other people are notified of the evacuation event. 

To set up a trigger, configure the following details: 

  1. Enter the trigger details and choose the OnEvac event.
  2. (Optional) Set up the trigger rules – choose the parameters for activating the trigger, eg it must be during operating hours. 
  3. Choose who receives the notification – select who in your organization needs to see this information. 
Your account must have the triggers add-on enabled to set up a trigger.

Set up a trigger 

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Triggers.
  3. Click Create a New Trigger.

Trigger Details tab

  1. Enter the trigger name.
  2. Select Active next to the Trigger Status.
  3. Under Trigger Event, select OnEvac Event Created.
  4. Click Next.


(Optional) Trigger Rules tab

  1. In the Must match All, or Must match ANY sections, click Create a New Rule.
  2. Select the rule and the conditions.
  3. Click Next.


Trigger Actions tab

  1. Click Create a New Action.
  2. Select Notification: Send an Email as the action.
  3. Select Employees as the recipient type.
  4. Choose who will receive the notification. There is a range of options including a  selected role type, department, or specific employee. 
  5. Use the placeholders to set up the email notification. In this example, the following placeholders are used:

    {{ evac.created_by }} - Name of the person who created the event 
    {{ location.totalonsite }} - Total number of people on-site
    {{ location.visitorsonsite }}  - Total number of visitors on-site
    {{ location.staffonsite }} - Total number of employees on-site
    {{ location.serviceprovidersonsite }} - Total contractors on-site

  6. Click Save & Close.


Next time a OnEvac notification is created, the selected employees will receive this email notification: