Enter a delivery on a sign in/out kiosk

Learn how to enter a delivery on a sign in/out kiosk. These instructions are for the person delivering the item.

When a delivery agent approaches your kiosk, they can now choose the delivery option,  making their interaction with your organization as efficient and reliable as possible.

The following steps are for a touch-screen kiosk. Some instructions and screenshots may differ based on your kiosk setup.

To enter a delivery:

  1. Tap Delivery.

  2. Choose if the package is for a single person or multiple people. If Single is selected, enter the employee the delivery is for, then tap Next.

  3. Select the Delivery Type, tap Next. The delivery agent can select more than one type if necessary.

  4. (If applicable) Enter the Sender and the Tracking Number.

  5. Select whether a signature is needed for the release of the delivery, then tap Continue.

  6. The instructions set up for this type of delivery will be displayed on the kiosk, tap Acknowledge.


A notification will be sent to the recipient(s) according to the settings and type of delivery.

Deliveries notification

An email and/or text will be received by one or more people about the delivery. All people set up as multiple person delivery recipients will receive an email for all deliveries.

By setting up employees with the necessary email address and/or mobile number in MRI OnLocation as recipients, you can ensure that someone will always be notified about deliveries whether or not the intended recipient has information in OnLocation.

Deliveries recipients will receive an email and/or text which says where the delivery agent is at your location, what the delivery is, and if it requires a signature.

If it is an email, the subject line will say who the delivery is for and it will include the instructions given to the delivery agent.