Introduction: OneLogin Sync

Use the OneLogin Sync integration to connect your OneLogin employee directory with your MRI OnLocation employee list.

How it works

With OneLogin Sync, you can automatically create, update or delete employee records in OnLocation. The daily sync ensures that any changes made in OneLogin can be synchronized with your OnLocation employee list.

Configure the settings to restrict what data is imported, choose how you’d like to manage OnLocation access permissions, add sync rules, and set when you’d like the sync to occur.

Sync your whole user list or set up a role in OneLogin to sync only the specified group of users.

Once the integration is active, in OnLocation you can view a list of the last five syncs with OneLogin. Drill down into each sync to view what information was added or changed, and if there were any errors with the import.

Information managed through OneLogin Sync

OneLogin Sync can manage any contact details for an employee, their location, and department. By setting up sync rules, you can also manage their role types and Global Roaming status.

The only information you need to complete for the sync is the user's name and location. The 'Company' field in Onelogin maps to the 'Location' field in OnLocation. 

Employee tokens, inductions, and certifications can’t be managed through OneLogin Sync.

Set up the integration

To use the integration, you need to: