About custom questions

Custom questions can be used to add organization-specific questions to your location's sign in/out process. Use them to ask employees, visitors, and contractors questions not covered by the pre-built basic questions.

How it works

Custom questions are fully customizable sign in/out questions. There are ten types of questions. You can use custom questions for health screening and safety videos, or to present an NDA or waiver. 

Custom questions are used across kiosks, OnLocation Mobile, Sign In/Out Manager, and during visitor pre-registration. Enable them for: 

  • Sign in/out
  • Inter-zone movements
  • Specific types of people on-site, i.e., contractors or visitors

You can set up conditional workflows using custom questions where subsequent questions are only asked if the previous question is answered in a certain way. Use this to build questionnaires that are tailored to specific situations and people.

Use custom questions combined with triggers to send notifications, deny access, or provide more information based on the answers. This is especially effective for ensuring everyone on-site agrees to your safety regulations and meets your health screening requirements.

You can also include the answers to custom questions on your location's badge passes.

Set up custom questions 

To set up custom questions:

  1. Create a custom questionnaire
  2. Create the questions and order them
  3. Select where you want to ask the questions
If you'd like to manage custom questions across multiple locations, check out Global Sign In/Out Questions.