Custom question types

Learn about the different types of questions you can use in a custom questionnaire. You need the Administrator user role to add a location-level custom questionnaire. 

A custom questionnaire is made up of a group of questions that are created by your organization. They can be activated to show during sign in or out on kiosks, in Sign In/Out Manager, on OnLocation Mobile, and during visitor pre-registration.


There are nine types of questions that you can use in custom questionnaires:


The person answers the question by entering a short amount of text. A text answer can be up to 100 characters.


Kiosk example


Paragraph text

The person answers the question by entering a larger amount of text. A paragraph answer can be up to 500 characters. It is useful when the answers require a greater level of description e.g. details about an incident. 


Kiosk example



The person answers the question by selecting one or more options. You can also set one of these options to be unique so that, if selected, the other options become unavailable.


Kiosk example


Single choice

The person answers the question by selecting one option. Useful for setting triggers based on the response given. 


Kiosk example



Enter or copy & paste text your waiver text. The person answers the question by confirming that they have read the agreement and accept the terms. 

Waivers can be set to require a signature, if signing in via a kiosk or OnLocation Mobile, using their finger or stylus to sign on the screen. A copy of the waiver can be sent to them, their host, or any other email, as well as being stored in the Custom Questionnaire reports.

You can also set options for the audience to select from, e.g. I acknowledge and accept this agreement. These can be used in combination with or instead of a signature.


Kiosk example


If using your front-of-house team to sign people in using Sign In/Out Manager, signature capture is not available. However, if you have signature capture enabled, there is a checkbox for the Sign In/Out Manager to select that the waiver has been acknowledged.


Image waiver

Upload an image with text instructions to display alongside. You can choose to add an acknowledgment button. 

Images must be smaller than 3000 pixels high x 3000 pixels wide. 


Kiosk example



Embed a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo for the audience to watch. Set options for the audience to select from, e.g. I have watched and understood this video.

You can make the video watching mandatory by setting the Question Pause Time to the length of the video. You will also want to set the Question Timeout to the length of the video to ensure the kiosk doesn’t timeout while watching.


Kiosk example



Add a date picker to your custom questionnaire. The guest answers the question by selecting a date.


Kiosk example


Document upload - Visitor pre-registration questionnaires only

This question type is only available for visitor pre-registration. Ask your visitors to upload a document while completing their visitor profile. The guest answers the question by uploading a file.

Choose how long your organization will retain the visitor's document: 

  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 180 days
  • 365 days (1 year)
  • 730 days (2 years)


Visitor profile example


Next step: Create a custom questionnaire for a location or add a global questionnaire to share it across locations.