Deliveries via the Sign In/Out Manager

In this article, we show you how to set up and use Deliveries via the Sign In/Out Manager.

Deliveries makes the dropping off of deliveries and getting them to the right people as efficiently and easy as possible. By enabling Deliveries in your Sign In/Out Manager, receptionists, security guards, or any Sign In/Out Manager can automatically send a message to the recipient providing details of the delivery directly from WhosOnLocation.

The recipient receives a notification letting them know their delivery has arrived and whether a signature is required or not.

How To Set up Deliveries in Sign In/Out Manager

You must have the Administrator user role assigned to access this setting.

Deliveries needs to be enabled in the Sign In/Out Manager settings for each location before it can be used.

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Sign In/Out Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Deliveries tab.
  5. Select Enable Deliveries.


There are three sections to the Deliveries settings for Sign In/Out Manager:

Delivery Types

There are five default options for delivery types: parcel(s), mail, flowers, food, and other. You can remove any of these by clicking the “x” in the option box. You can add new options by typing in the Delivery Types field. This information is passed to the delivery recipient.



When the Multi-Language add-on is enabled, you can add/edit translations for the delivery types. Click here for more information on Multi-language.


To add/edit a translation for Deliveries:

  1. Click Edit Translations at the bottom of the page.

    A translation widget will pop up on-screen.
  2. Choose the language to translate.

  3. Enter the translations.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Notification Recipients

There are two types of notification recipient settings: Mulitple People Delivery and Single Person Delivery.

Multiple People Delivery

A Sign In/Out Manager will select this option if the delivery is for more than one person, e.g. the Marketing Department, the Company, or if the person is unknown.

People set up to receive these notifications will also receive a notification for Single Person Deliveries. This acts as a failsafe in case the selected person does not have the necessary details (email address or mobile number) in WhosOnLocation to receive a notification. The two notifications received will be notably different to avoid any confusion.


You can choose up to three employees and one non-employee to receive these notifications, and you must set up at least one recipient.

To choose an employee to receive this notification, click on the Search for Employee bar, begin typing the employee's name, and select them from the dropdown menu. Then, select how you want this employee to be notified (Email and/or Text) by ticking the box next to the option.

To set up a non-employee, simply add their email address and/or mobile number into the Send to this non-employee fields.

Single Person Delivery

A Sign In/Out Manager will select this option if the delivery is for one person who is an employee in the system.


Simply choose the notification types (Email and/or Text) you want the recipient to receive by ticking the box next to the option. As long as the recipient has the necessary information (email address or mobile number) entered into WhosOnLocation they will receive a notification and, as a failsafe, the Multiple People Recipients will also receive a notification about the delivery.

Additional Information

This section gives you the ability to add additional fields to be answered when an item is being delivered. These are used in less common circumstances and are therefore optional extras instead of required for all deliveries.

Sender - The person or company that has sent the delivery.

Tracking Number - The tracking number listed on the package.


Information captured from additional fields will be included in the Deliveries Reports.

Using Deliveries in Sign In/Out Manager

When a delivery agent arrives at your location, they will approach your Sign In/Out Manager (receptionist, security guard, etc) who can use Deliveries from the Sign In/Out Manager screen to log the delivery. This will automatically send notifications to the appropriate people making receiving deliveries as painless as possible.

Please Note: Deliveries must be enabled for the location before it can be used by the Sign In/Out Manager.

With Deliveries enabled, from the Sign In/Out Manager screen:

  1. Click the More Actions button.

  2. Select Deliveries.

    A pop-up window will appear to enter the delivery details.

    Please Note: If the multi-language add-on has been enabled for this location, the pop-up will appear in the selected language.
  3. Choose if the package is for a singular person or multiple people. Singular is for one specific person, Multiple is for a group of people.
  4. (If Applicable) If Singular is selected, enter the employee the delivery is for.
  5. Select the Delivery Type. The Sign In/Out Manager can select more than one type if necessary.
  6. Select whether or not a signature is needed for the release of the delivery.
  7. Click Next.

An alert will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the Sign In/Out Manager screen and a notification will be sent to the recipient(s) according to the settings and type of delivery.


Deliveries Notification

An email and/or text will be received by one or more people about the delivery. All people set up as Multiple Person Delivery recipients will receive an email for all deliveries.

By setting up employees with the necessary email address and/or mobile number in WhosOnLocation as recipients, you can ensure that someone will always be notified about deliveries whether or not the intended recipient has information in WhosOnLocation.

Deliveries recipients will receive an email and/or text which says where the delivery agent is at your location, what the delivery is, and if it requires a signature. If it is an email, the subject line will say who the delivery is for.

Please Note: If you are using the multi-language add-on, notifications will still be in English.


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