About the Contractor Portal

Learn about the Contractor Portal, which is a site where contractors can manage information and upload documents for their own organizations and members. 

The MRI OnLocation Contractor Portal gives you the ability to empower your contractors to add and manage information about their own organizations and members. This information includes, but is not limited to, contact information, access to OnLocation Mobile, insurance policies, contracts, and role types.

Giving your contractors this ability means that they can maintain the records for their own organization and its members. This will ensure records are accurate, timely, and easily updated. It also means that your employees' time is not spent updating these records, making your organization more productive.


How it works for you

Your Contractor Portal is just that, yours. It is fully customizable regarding who has access to what areas of information, and is unique to your organization.

You nominate what information your contractors can see, what they can add, edit, or delete, and what is entirely hidden from them.

You create your own personalized Terms of Use that a contractor must agree to before they can use your portal. You also choose which contractors have access to your portal.

How it works for contractors

The contractors that you choose to access your Contractor Portal will receive an email inviting them to create their password and log in.

The first time a contractor signs in to your Contractor Portal, they will be presented with your Terms of Use. They must agree to these terms before they can use your portal.

Once agreed, they will be able to see and edit any information made available by you in your settings. Any changes they make will be instantly reflected in your OnLocation account.

If you want to know more about how your contractors will use the portal, have a look at the Contractor Portal Users section of the Help Center.

Uploading documents

It’s important to keep accurate records between your organization and your contractors, for this reason, we have provided the ability to upload documents through the Contractor Portal.

Contractor Portal Users can upload supporting documents when adding insurances, contracts, certifications, and inductions.