Send your WolPass automatically

If you have the Calendar Invites integration enabled, you can send a WolPass automatically from your calendar invite. You need the WolPass Manager user role to access these settings.

When you create a calendar invite, the visitor will receive their WolPass automatically. You can select from a range of options as to when your visitor will receive their WolPass.

To update these settings:

  1. Go to Tools > WolPass Management.
  2. Click View next to your WolPass.
  3. Select the Automated Sending tab.
  4. Choose the WolPass send method:

    Once the visitor completes their profile - will send the WolPass once a visitor has completed their visitor profile

    As soon as the event is created - will send the WolPass as soon as a calendar event has been created and invites have been sent to the guests

    Do not send automatically - Will not automatically send a WolPass
  5. Select Save & Close.


The WolPass will now automatically send depending on your chosen setting. 

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